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When functioning well, this chakra will appear as either a clear, vibrant red or a rich, pure black. To balance and heal the 1st chakra we need to address certain issues including: trust of others and ourselves, our relationship to our bodies and nature and our connection to the divine feminine. The second chakra is in located at the perineum.

It can be involved in problems related to fertility and reproduction, problems with the spleen and with allergies, asthma, arthritis and other physical problems which may have an emotional content. Painful and difficult memories and emotions may also be stored here, along with the heart chakra. When functioning well, the second chakra is a bright, golden orange.

To balance and heal the 2nd chakra, we need to address the following issues: our relationship to our sexuality and our emotions; our ability to create what we truly desire. It can be involved in problems with the heart, circulatory system, lungs, immune system and with infections generally.

The two colors associated with the heart chakra are green and pink, and the element is water. The corresponding developmental years are from 18 — To balance and heal this chakra we need to address the following issues: we must embrace and explore our inner dualities, which include our male and female aspects and our relationship with both.

Through healing our inner selves we will be better prepared for having a healthy relationship with a lover or partner. The fifth or throat chakra is level with the hollow of the throat and is connected with all forms of communication, how we speak our truth, and along with the second chakra, creativity. Health problems which affect speech or hearing, thyroid imbalances and headaches all tend to involve this chakra.

Its color is a vibrant, electric blue. It is connected to the 5th element known as ether: the pure energy of Spirit, and corresponds with the ages 25 — 40 years old. To balance and heal this chakra we need to address the following issues: what dream do we want to express in our lives? What is our truth and how can we fully live it?

The sixth chakra is at the level of the forehead and is connected with our intuition and our ability to see beyond the obvious. The element is light and its color is indigo; it corresponds with the ages 40 — 55 years old. To balance and heal this chakra we need to work with the following matters: expanding our awareness of all beings and being of service to others, honoring our intuition and insight and becoming conscious of how we live our lives and what effect this has on all living beings and our environment.

The seventh or crown chakra is located slightly above the crown of the head where a newborn baby has a fontanel. Problems with headaches, the immune system, insomnia, anxiety, and the brain are likely to have a connection to this chakra. We acquire our 7th chakra wisdom through our deep connection to Spirit. To balance and heal this chakra we need to work with the following issues: connect with the universal love within us and in the heavens through regular meditation and mind-body-spirit exercises.

All of your senses, all of your perceptions, all of your possible states of awareness, everything it is possible for you to experience, can be divided into seven categories. Each category can be associated with a particular chakra.

Thus, the chakras represent not only particular parts of your physical body, but also particular parts of your consciousness. Through regular meditation practice, chakra breathing exercises and other mind-body-spirit exercises, we can maintain the health of our chakras and live healthy and fulfilling lives. The third chakra is located in the solar plexus and is connected to the rational mind, personal power and confidence.

It can be involved in issues related to digestion and assimilation — in regards to both food and how we assimilate ideas, energy and impressions. Problems with eating disorders, diabetes, tiredness and lack of energy and urinary problems may all have a connection here. When functioning well, its color is a bright, sunshiny yellow.

To balance and heal the 3rd chakra, we need to address the following issues: creating a core sense of who we really are with respect to our character, interests, values and passions. We must find a mission or purpose for our life to help us combat the confusion about who we are.

Michele Cempaka is a Reiki Master, spiritual counselor and meditation teacher who facilitates energy healing and selfempowerment for others. She has a passionate interest in alternative healing and energy work. The fourth or heart chakra is concerned with giving and receiving love and compassion, our connection to others.

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B4, Jln. Imam Bonjol No. The lotus also has a close connection with Balinese culture. The lotus flower is the king of all flowers Raja Kesuma and referred to in various stories.

Balinese temples contain many structures and one of the most important is the Padmasana or Lotus Throne. The Padmasana is a tall sculptured stone tower upon which the empty stone seat, or lotus throne, is reserved for Sanghyang Widi Wasa the Supreme God.

The Padmasana is located so that it faces away from the holiest mountain, Gunung Agung. In southern Bali it is located in the northeast corner of a temple, in northern Bali located in the southeast corner of a temple. The throne is usually two metres above the ground so that it is above the heads of worshippers. In larger versions of the Padmasana, there are steps leading up to the throne to enable people to make offerings.

The whole structure signifies the entire cosmos from the demons to the heavens. Around the base there are representations such as mountains to indicate the physical world of man. The godly seat is placed well above these. Lotus plants are symbolic in both the ancient and modern world, and are celebrated for their beauty both in art and religion and have an obvious cultural connection with Bali, so why not grow some? A common misconception is referring the lotus as a water lily as these plants belong to a different genus, water-lily Nympha genus and lotus Nelumbo genus.

There are also visible differences between water lilies bunga teratai and lotuses. The leaves of the water lily grow from below the water and rest on the surface, whereas the lotus has leaves that can sit from 30cm to four feet above the water. The lotus has a circular structure from the centre of flower, that goes on to form the distinctive circular seed pod. The dried seed pods resemble water spouts and are widely sold throughout the world for decorative purposes and for flower arranging.

Another difference is that water lilies come in various colors including blues and purples, yellows, reds, whites, pinks, and pastel orange.

The lotus has flowers only in hues of pink, yellow or white. There are tropical lotus and cool temperate types as well. Most lotuses that come from China are suited to a cooler climate. There are also two types of water lilies those for cooler climates, and tropical types.

Bali Showroom Jl. Please bring along this ad and your namecard. In Sanskrit the word for lotus is padma. So the next time you are in Jalan Padma, you will know that you are in Lotus Street.

Buddhist, Chinese, and Hindu deities are often depicted as seated on a lotus flower. Lakshmi, wife of the Hindu god Vishnu, the goddess of fortune and prosperity is also usually portrayed as sitting on a lotus, her traditional symbol. Both types of plants have virtually the same requirements. The most important thing is full sunlight and they both require heavy soil. Plant them in large plastic or terracotta pots, or you could use wire baskets.

Line pots with several sheets of newspaper, then add a few handfuls of gravel or small pebbles on top of this and then add in the soil or mud. This will stop soil leaching from the bottom of the pot. Cover the top with pebbles also, to keep the soil trapped within the pot. This is the best way to keep your pond or water bowl looking clear.

Plant them by placing them in the center of the container, and let the crown of the plant rest just above the surface of the soil. Always use a growing medium that is free from herbicides and pesticides.

The pots that you use should be large enough to allow the rhizome room to spread. The rhizomes creep across the surface of the soil hence a wider pot is preferable to a deeper one.

Make sure your lotus or water lily gets enough sunlight, at least 4 hours, ideally 6 hours or more. With new plantings, initially place the pot just below the surface and gradually lower as the lotus or water lily grows. Once the plant is established, the pot can remain at the desired depth. Plant the crown from 15cm to 30 cm below the water surface, as a general guide.

Remember good maintenance practice, clean off old, yellowing leaves and spent flowers to keep your plants healthy. Once the flower is finished, it will slowly sink into the water.

Seed pods form and the ripe seeds fall into the soil below. Seed production is costly to the plant. To ensure many blooms, cut the dying flowers as they sink below the surface. Follow the stem down as far as it goes; either cut it or snap if off with your fingers. Also clean off dead or dying leaves in the same manner.

Research the ultimate size of your plant before you buy it. A lotus with a six-foot spread will not thrive in a small pot. There are plenty of options available in all colors and sizes. In Bali, the most common water lily, are white, yellow, pink, blue or purple. The lotus usually comes in varieties pink, white or yellow.

You can find lotus and water lily in abundance in Bali, they are easy to find at any nursery and they are also easy to grow. They thrive in small garden ponds, pots and containers, and bring life to any garden. It could just be the most culturally significant plant that you can grow in Bali! Kris Garden Doctor Contact: dr. Kris You can read all past articles of Garden Doctor at www.

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How about maintenance costs? Maintaining the aquarium is not costly if the owner is willing to buy fish food regularly, clean the glass surface regularly and change the water monthly. Clean the pump and filter every now and then. Aquariums consume little electric power if one only use basic equipments.

Is there a lot to learn about keeping fish? Setting up an aquarium is like going to school. One will gradually learn the process of collecting and keeping fish and begin to understand and appreciate more about how to be thrifty while maximizing your enjoyment. Just start out at first with a small fresh water aquarium with a complete but simple system and keep just a few fish and a few plants. From that small investment, the aquarium owner will begin to learn more about their new hobby.

Yoki Sinugroho was born and grew up in Solo, central Java, and spent his secondary school years in Singapore. After graduating with a degree in computer science from University of Arizona in , Yoki returned to his hometown to help his parents in their chemical retail and distribution business. Shortly afterwards, he moved to Bali to start his own garment production business which he still runs on a smaller scale. In early , Yoki opened Bali Reef Aquarium, an aquarium and pond supply store.

Yoki has since worked on aquarium and pond projects for a number of star hotels, private villas and residences. What are your hobbies? Adventure sports, building private houses and traditional Indonesian structures, landscaping and gardening, and designing my own motor cross car. When did you start collecting fish? It was then that I decided to make a living by collecting specimens in Bali and also in the deeper waters of the archipelago.

I still keep fish as pets to this day. Why do people keep an aquarium in the house? Every home needs liveliness and a serene environment, especially while leading hectic modern lives and considering our overdependence on technology. Because they are replicas of nature in miniature, aquariums give peace of mind in the environments where we live and bring balance into our lives. Do aquarium systems cost a lot? There are aquariums to fit every budget.

Others can spend as much as Rp25 million for a bigger aquarium with a nice wooden cabinet and more sophisticated equipment.

The really high end systems are personally designed and specially built to fit into a specific living space. Although the most colorful and beautiful creatures are found in coral seas, saltwater aquariums are not for beginners. We recommend the beginner start with a fresh water aquarium because the fish are more hardy and the system is easy and inexpensive to maintain.

In Sanur. Enquiries: amolongo hotmail. Mertanadi No. Are the fish expensive? The price varies according to their species and beauty. The cheapest start at a couple of thousand rupiah while the most expensive, such as the Arowana and Koi, can reach several millions.

These two fishes are actually able to recognize their owners. Salt water species are particularly affordable in Bali because their habitats are located in islands near Bali. Bear in mind that tropical fish are very cheap compared to Europe and Australia.

How long do fish live? Smaller fish can live up to years. Koi, Arowana, sharks and turtles can live longer than their owners if they are well cared for and well fed. What happens to the fish if you lose electrical power? Can you stock an aquarium with creatures other than fish?

You have to really understand the behavior of the other sea creatures because some of them are very aggressive or give out toxins in the water. How may readers contact you? Visit our shop Bali Reef Aquarium, Jl. Or call tel. The aquarium itself with its cabinet. If you want to economize, just use a cabinet or table you already own. The accessories are not that expensive, especially since.

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Pert, Tuban Plaza A5 Jl. We Specialize In: Towels face towel, hand towel, bath towel, bath mat, medium towel, large towel, bath sheet, pool towel, oshibory, bathrobe, slippers. Room Linen flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, inner duvet, pillow case, bolster case. More pillow insert, bolster, mattress protector, pillow protector dacron, silicone. All item good condition. The extinction process has swept Bali with lightning speed: in Sanur alone there must be more than 30 marts of different descriptions, out of those more than 10 Circle Ks.

Vaughan Hatch has immersed himself with Balinese culture, living with locals in Bali since He speaks fluent Indonesian and Balinese, and is unashamedly addicted to playing gamelan. Email him on contact indokiwibali. With long standing reputation for quality and extensive experience in paint industry, Danapaint is committed to delivering quality and innovative products. Umalas Kangin No. Raya, Mas Ubud, Phone: trevor dps. Tangkuban Perahu No. There is a solution. This means your air conditioning systems can work more efficiently, reducing your energy costs.

Some of the worlds best female tennis players entertained large crowds at this years Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions. Ivanovic, who celebrated her birthday the day before the final, took control midway through the first set, and although her Russian opponent held two break points to lead in the second set, she went on to win the match after a tiebreak. Although many residents along areas of the route were not so happy about the traffic jams caused by roads being blocked for the race, the closing of roads enabled riders to riders whiz around the His cumulative time was 28 hours 2 minutes 6 seconds, followed by Fatahila Abdulah who finished with 28 hours 6 minutes 16 seconds.

In addition, a part of the event also acknowledged the community work of two Indonesian females. Both winners received a cash prize of Rp 25,, from Bank Commonwealth. Fantastic to see this elite sporting event giving back to the local community! The tournament was only a part of the activities for the eight players who competed. Taking part in Balinese ceremonies, testing their skills in the kitchen in a cooking competition, surfing lessons, supporting coral reef regeneration efforts, and participating in driver training were all a part of the off court activities.

He had reportedly been battling with Dengue Fever. Being a regular visitor to Indonesia, Irons had established strong friendships with many in Bali and was a very popular surfer, this being evident with the hundreds that turned out on Kuta beach to pay their respects.

Among them were professional surfers Rizal Tanjung, Rob Machado, Mikala Jones and Jake Patterson, who were joined by local and visiting surfers in their tribute.

Irons, who began his career with the elite ASP World Tour in , went on to win three consecutive ASP World Titles and change the sport forever with his unparalleled ability and comprehensive approach to surfing. Suitable for any kind of purpose from interior decoration and room decoration, specialty gift and other purpose with the most competitive prices for wholesale and retail.

Title sponsors of the event, Telkom Indonesia, have committed to supporting future events, aiming to further improve the race and attracting more internationally qualified competitors. Adding to the uniqueness of the event is the amazing setting in which it will take place, the Ujung Water Palace Taman Soekasada Ujung , which lies about 5km east of the city of Amlapura. The event kicks off at 4 pm, is open to the public with VIP tables are available.

For further information please email rodney balisports. Hermawan Wins Consecutive Events year-old Putra Hermawan took out his second consecutive victory at the latest Indonesian Surfing Championship tour event, the 6-star plus rated Quiksilver Open. Held at Keramas Beach in Gianyar, Hermawan saved his best for last to win, scoring the highest single wave score of 9. The win saw him pocket a Rp 25 million paycheck and also put him into the number one spot in the ISC tour rankings with only one more event to go.

Second placed Dedi Santosa took home Rp If you wish to add any sporting related information to the calendar, please email info baliadvertiser. You can read all past articles of This Sporting Life at www. Looking for a place in Sanur that makes Black Waffles. Does anybody know what I am talking about?

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I think they live in caves. Dear me they must have more sense than that. But no, once again I hear the steady beat of porcine wings, it is far too much to expect from such august professions. Many years ago a survey was carried out in England. Well at the public level it did but quietly no one was really surprised.

Why were the researchers pleased? The researchers had, surprise surprise, discovered something everyone knew anyway but no one ever bothered to ask. Have you ever noticed that new cars always have an overbearing odour of plastic? That is, in fact, done on purpose to hide the smell of a rotting, half eaten prawn sandwich should one get inadvertently left under the dashboard.

Here in Bali, everyday is Friday so perhaps we can forgive our house construction experts for the odd mental aberration and a tendency to get certain things wrong. Over time people learned through bitter experiences such as finding ducks swimming around in the living room or trying to watch the telly under a snow drift.

Shear necessity meant that eventually they got things right. Whatever the reason it appears that there has been a widespread tendency to eliminate the design features or vital components that historically have been used to make doors and windows work properly.

By far the majority of new houses and apartments in Bali have French doors and windows. Most have wooden frames with one or more glass panes. It is surprising just how many doors and windows are not designed or made properly and cause endless problems for their proud new owners.

Here are my examples, perhaps you can find some of your own. Doors and sliding windows that are not weatherproof along the bottom. Rain driven by wind blows under french doors. A very common problem and not easy to solve. As a corrective measure some people use weather strips along the bottom of the doors the rubber weather strips are better than the bristle ones.

This may result in marks on the floor, doors being harder to open and the ends of the doors cannot be sealed. This is only a stopgap measure for a problem which is the result of poor design. Good design may include a step between the inside and outside floor levels, a threshold wooden strip across the floor or bottom tracks which incorporate some sort of sealing and draining capability in their design I sense a cringe from our designers. Good design cleverly hides the sealing method in the underside of the door.

Doors and windows that are not weatherproof along the vertical edges. Very similar, easy to solve but often avoided. The established method is to either have a step in the leading edge of the door or a vertical weather strip fastened on the outer surface of the leading edge of one door so that when the doors close the weatherstrip covers the gap.

There are some very well designed doors that have a groove in one door and a vertical strip of wood set into the leading edge of the other. Glass panes that cannot be replaced if they get broken. Ever wondered how the glass will be replaced if it gets broken? If a pane gets broken the putty or beading can be removed to replace the glass.

Horizontal surfaces in the wooden frame under glass window panes. The edge of the wooden frame immediately below glass panes is very often made horizontal these days.

When rain hits the glass and runs down the window or door, it lies on the wood against the pane and can seep through between the glass and the frame. This is particularly bad when there is no sealant around the glass and especially when a wind is blowing. This is a very common problem but stupidly simple to avoid by a slightly bevelling the lower surface of the wood so the water drains off outwards and b making sure the sealant is in place.

Nakula, Kuta, Bali Email: pbrhodes hotmail. Glass panes that are not sealed into the wooden frames Very many builders either use too little sealant or no sealant at all when installing glass into door and window frames. You can tell if there is little or no sealant by tapping the glass – it will rattle.

Get the builder to do it properly before it rains. In the past linseed oil putty would have been used, it is still the best material but unfortunately is not available in Indonesia. Instead silicone sealant is used these days. Acid free silicone is best for this job. Use of bingkirai wood that expands and contracts with moisture. For many builders bingkirai is the timber of choice for doors and window frames these days.

Bingkirai is a good wood however it has a fundamental problem in that it expands when wet and contracts when it dries out. Hangings that are not strong enough or look like they came from an industrial building. Folding french doors need particular care when designing how they will hang.

The problem is due to the weight of the doors hanging on hinges. To take the weight of the doors tracks are often placed both above and below the doors. There are some excellent tracks available but these tend to be expensive. Increasingly low cost fittings are being used, you can spot these easily – they look like something off a first world war battleship.

They may look bad enough when they are new but wait until they start to rust……. French doors are notorious for locks that are difficult to lock. Problems arise from the doors not lining up properly a particular problem if the doors are warped , the locks and faceplates being inaccurately positioned or use of poorly selected lock types. Warped doors and windows Warping of doors and windows is usually the result of using wood that is not fully seasoned dried out.

These days there is such a demand for timber that it is often cut, sold and used far too quickly. As it dries out the wood tends to shrink, crack and twist often following the grain in the wood. You will find warped doors will need to be pulled flat to get them to latch. Traditional practice is to cut wood then stack it so that air can circulate around it and leave it for many months before use. Guitar manufacturers may keep their precious timber for many years before use.

If wood has to be used quickly it can be kiln dried to speed up the seasoning process. French doors do tend to have a number of other problems such as handles that hit frames and track stops that are not properly set. I saw one expensive house where you could close and lock the French doors and an intruder could simply push the doors from the outside which, without guides at the bottom, swung inwards on the top track.

You might as well leave them open. I was recently visiting some good friends who are completing a rather stunning house. Early into the project they found that their supposedly well respected architect was delivering a standard half hearted design using standard half hearted materials and finishes. They sacked him and took the project over themselves but then managed to find a very capable creative architect who suggested some imaginative changes. The result has been outstanding.

There are some geniuses out there, the trick is to find them. They are the ones not living in caves. Phil Wilson Opinions expressed are those of Phil Wilson. If you have any questions or comments he can be contacted on For Sale; A new slim-line fan extractor never installed, for electric or gas cooker. Paid 1. Phone English inquiries or SMS after 10am Pantai Saba. An eye catcher talking piece.

Great centre piece for Hotel-Exclusive home Office, Bank etc. Serious inquiries English Our technology makes your water system leak free, easy to install and economical. Flexible, strong and durable Minimum fitting and connection Minimum heat loss and condensation Easy to carry, light weight and easy storage Stable under high pressure.

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Must pickup in Ubud. Many of these stall holders are related to BIWA through our members and friends. The atmosphere at the Bazaar is always boisterous, fun and busy and this year was the biggest event to date. A small army of volunteers joined committee members to help with the entertainment that continued throughout the day, as well as selling raffles, supporting the stall activities and promoting the large number of food stalls offering everything from indigineous Indonesian food to gourmet ice cream, popular snacks and international favourites.

The venue was once again the Kuta Istana Galleria, which has proved perfect for the event. The large car park filled early and people continued to arrive throughout the day. Children ran through the crowds, local schools performed alongside established bands and community groups, and the raffles continued throughout the day. The organization, with over members representing 28 countries, supports many local causes and runs numerous humanitarian programs.

Most are focussed on helping women to improve their lives and support their communities. A major focus over the last two years has been raising awareness of breast cancer and raising funds for a modern mamogram machine at Prima Medika Hospital for free testing.

The mobile dental clinic MDC service in remote areas in Bali. Caring for the environment. Kawe no. BIWA has grown in numbers over the years and the social welfare programs have made a difference to the lives of thousands of women, children and the community.

It is a hands on and considered p program that reaches out to th those in need. As well, B IWA is an o organization that fosters friendship, is a great n networking opportunity for w women and also supports cu cultural programs that include co cooking clubs, bridge clubs a social outings. B BIWA has touched the lives of m many members as well as the co community as it provides a p place where cross cultural fr friendships are encouraged, w where Indonesian and exp patriate women can find co common ground, learn more a about each other and their cu cultures.

In December the final gathering for the year will be a brunch held at Anantara in Seminyak on Saturday, December 4 at 9am. Tandakan no. A Different Face for Singapore By Alison Elisabeth Singapore, a gleaming metropolis of soaring skyscrapers, manicured gardens, and people in suits; where shopping malls are supersize, electronics are truly king, and chewing gum is illegal.

I have passed through the city many times, but never considered it as more than a brief stop on my way somewhere else. Now I have a three-day visa run and am determined to get a glimpse into life beyond the shiny facade. I do some research online and book a room in the leafy seaside suburb of Bedok, which promises beaches, parks, recreation areas and quaint tea houses. But, it all happens for a reason, and as the owner drives me to his other guesthouse in Little India, he suggests that I visit Pulau Ubin and paints a picture of a beautiful island national park that is home to the last remaining Kampoeng traditional village in Singapore.

A beautiful white sandy spit dotted with palm trees curves around the bay creating a natural lagoon and the placid harbor is filled with pretty wooden bumboats.

Before us the rocky shore is dotted with brightly painted weatherboard houses perched on stilts and big shady trees. I pass through palm groves and rubber plantations and soon find myself in thick rainforest; sunlight peeps and teases through the leaves, interspersed with drizzly rain. It is disgustingly humid and I feel like I am trapped in a steam bath, the gentle rises in the road have me pedaling madly and I regret not paying the extra for a mountain bike.

The timber boardwalk starts on a pretty boulder strewn beach, and winds around a seagrass lagoon. In the shallows I spot cowrie shells, shrimp, star fish and a pair of tiny seahorses. It leads on through giant mangroves and mud mounds, built by the illusive mud lobster, then back onto a path through dense coastal forest.

I am lost in the moment, reveling in the peaceful and pristine beauty, but the silence, is shattered by a crash as a wild boar comes charging through the undergrowth. I reach the parking area and find that it has been overrun by monkeys, one perches on the seat of my bike another sits in the wicker basket. Thunder rolls in the distance and the sky has turned black. I stop briefly at one of the islands abandoned granite quarries; what was once a vicious blight on the landscape is now an enchanting green lake fringed by coastal grasses, palm trees and forest.

Cycling on, the hills and forests give way to flat coastal scrub and I arrive back at the kampoeng with its quaint houses and Chinese lanterns, just as the rain sets in. I find shelter in a quirky restaurant swamped in pot plants and twisting vines and wait out the storm. The natural jungle of old Singapore is left behind and I am soon back in the concrete jungle that is modern Singapore. The bus passes through suburbs filled with colonial mansions and then right through the heart of Geyland, the vibrant and garish red light district with sleazy massage parlors, night markets, and xxx girly bars with pumping music.

Onwards through time, I pass prehistoric plants and trees that look like something out of a sci fi film, as well as giant dinosaur footprints, and a magnificent grove of Cycad palms, modern survivors from the Jerassic era.

Then on through the first flowering plants that sprang from the earth million years ago. Refreshed and showered I head out into the labyrinth of streets that make up Little India which is buzzing with all the trappings and trimmings of the Southern Indian Tamil Culture. The streets are rowdy and chaotic with hawkers selling garlands of yellow flowers and kitch Hindu iconography; Bollywood music blares out from loud speakers.

I take a seat in a sidewalk cafe and am soon eating aloo gobi, palak paneer and chapatis, washed down with a mango lassy. The air is thick with the smell of cardamom, and women glide by sheathed in bright saris and laden with gold jewelry. I wander past ornate temples swathed in garish colour and am overcome with nostalgia for my days spent traveling in India. I am easily lured into a costume jewelry shop filled with sparkling adornments, and eventually leave with a bag filled with gaudy earrings, hair trinkets and jingly jangly anklets.

I walk on, passing quaint, colourful houses with brightly painted shutters, and intricate floral reliefs. Turning a corner, India is left behind as I am confronted by a busy six lane road and a wall of gleaming skyscrapers.

But it is the Evolution Garden that really blows me away. This 1. The entrance is marked by a column of petrified trees and the path leads through different areas, starting with. I have just a few hours left and one item remains on my agenda, and that is to visit Kampoeng Glam — the heart of the M u s l i m community with streets named Arab, Kadahar and Bhagdad.

A pedestrian street lined with tall palm trees leads up to the mosque and the area is imbued with a quiet, lazy charm. Once again I feel like I am in another world. I sit down to have a peppermint tea, the sweet perfume of apple tobacco wafts over me and I notice the people next to me are smoking shisha, the most wonderful of Middle Eastern pastimes.

I spend my last hour exploring the alleyways and small shops filled with spices, Persian rugs and rolls of shimmering silks and rich brocades. A city that I had dismissed as boring and soulless has turned out to be multi faceted and endlessly fascinating and I know that I will be back there soon. Copyright Alison Elisabeth. For Sale; Wooden cabinet Rp. Only Concrete stone. Call , first to come will get it. Raya Andong Try our Reuben or corned beef sandwiches the talk of the town!

Many Ubudians have organised fund-raisers and volunteers are working both here and on location. You can help through IDEP — an internationally respected disaster relief organisation, based in Ubud. Why buckets? They are waterproof, stackable and secure, and afterwards help store water safely. Contact info idepfoundation. They also have Flyday Night Trivia Quiz from 8. Bop on! Open 8am to 10pm; Dutch quizmaster Harald is certainly entertaining, with audio and visual quizzes to stump us as well as his general knowledge questions.

Starts 6pm, with winners receiving a voucher for dinner for two only beers and wine at Fly. BAWA staff visit schools with rabies awareness information, attend more than emergency calls per month in their overworked animal ambulance; deal with positive rabies cases and quarantine suspected cases; find homes for hundreds of dogs and cats; and field phone inquiries about dog bites and suspect rabid animals.

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Windows update 1709 download manuella kem

Rippner, Samantha. Bell, Adrienne Baxter. New 5. Mint condition, complete with box and original accessories. Agee, James. Meyers, Pieter. Christiansen, Keith. Wanted, Lost or Found Line Ads no charge. That is, in fact, done on purpose to hide the smell of a rotting, half eaten prawn sandwich should one get inadvertently left under the dashboard. Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy.❿

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