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Azure AD Connect is a service that you can install on-premises or in a virtual machine in Azure. We also recommend going to the PC manufacturer’s website for any additional info about updated drivers and hardware compatibility. ISO ссылка на подробности are also provided for use on Mac, and all previous versions of Windows for direct installaion of Windows 10 EDU since those versions of Mac or Windows sducation qualify for the Windows windows 10 education license duration free download use benefit.

– Change to Windows 10 Education from Windows 10 Pro | Microsoft Learn


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Windows 10 education license duration free download.Windows 10 Home Product key 64 bit Full Version Free Download


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Help Windows 10 Education Free license.! I am looking for a Windows 10 Education to install on my new laptop. I’ve tried contacting MS support and activating my azure account with my University email but it seems it doesn’t work.

Does your Uni specifically say that you are provided a Windows education license? The Uni i went to and the one i work for both didn’t offer Windows keys to the students. Only Office licenses and expanded Onedrive. Some schools of study had their own special offerings like dreamspark, but that was specific to the program.

I would double check with your school’s IT department to see what services and features they offer through your Uni account.

I’ve contacted the IT support but the didn’t help. My Lab PC has come with a preinstalled pro version. Your Uni doesn’t have a student help desk that is there to just help students and other community members with tech problems?

I did a bit of deeper digging and the education edition is normally license through the VLSC volume licensing service center which requires a contract with microsoft. So you likely won’t be able to get it installed on your personal device. Is there any reason you want to use the education edition? The differences between the Pro and EDU versions are only features that you wouldn’t be using or interacting with in any way since they are more network level administration features.

What did your new laptop come pre-installed with? Whatever it came pre-loaded with, the activation key is in your firmware. It might require you to wipe and reload your laptop, however. I did contact the support but the told me that no way to change the language. I’ve never done it, but it looks like it will still use your Windows 10 key to activate an English version of Windows, as long as you login with the same Microsoft ID you use when you initially logged into the Chinese version.

That will get you a bootable Windows 10 installation flash drive straight from Microsoft. It should activate automatically once it gets internet using the serial in the BIOS, but to be on the safe side I would still link it to a MS account before wiping just in case. The installer should come with all drivers needed to complete the install and boot, but you’ll want to manually update any drivers that Windows Update doesn’t catch.

Let me know if you need more instructions on how to reinstall Windows from USB. As for Windows 10 Education, I think it’s designed for schools to deploy to student laptops, not available for students themselves. I got one last week with a teacher’s discount. Microsoft won’t just automatically carpet all global students with one. But they are free to the Institution pending accreditation check and all that.

So the poster suggested getting your Uni IT to request a block of licenses. Oh, yeah- he worked for a place that processed such requests. I remember that now. The poster mentioned Institutions requesting different blocks of types of products for their needs, too. So that might be where you are stuck. IDK- maybe that will help. I searched “Windows Education Edition” and tweaked it. Sorry I don’t remember better. It has been a long, long 2 weeks. Yes, I can. However, I cant go further than the page ” Verify your student status to continue” each time I try to activate the account.

I received the activation email but the account cannot verify that I’m a student. Those are the old names for the Azure Education, and whomever you speak to might not be aware the program got renamed again last year. It can be used with a watermark that is persistent on all screens, even games.

You cannot Personalize without a key, either. It was a boring desktop with light blue taskbar, etc. My personal biggest twitch was caused by the lack of accessing dark mode.

Luckily, my key came through within a week. Question: if you can get an Edu license for free, can you convert it to Home and still be activated? I do not think so. I was using Home without activation until I could get my key.

I finally got my Windows Education Edition key and entered it. Windows automatically and immediately added the Education Edition features that were missing. Enterprise to enterprise, Home to Home, etc. So for both reason I say no. Windows Education Edition is “better” anyway. It has more features. If they are things you will never use, just ignore them. But I learned a few things, too, now that I have those features. I am very pleased with my purchase. I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

The license is for its version of Windows only. When I had Home and entered my Key, it automatically changed it to Education Edition because the key was for Education.

As the other commenter said, the “Education” SKU has more features anyways and there is no enforcement mechanism tied to the license key, after activating Windows you can choose not to signin with your school account and just use the OS for personal use if desired.

Some schools pay for the MSDNAA option which provides Windows, Server and Office options to students for educational purposes and can be revoked if you are not currently enrolled , but not all schools pay for this option.

Most schools, and larger businesses offer Office , which includes take home rights, but is only Office. This covers some of the best ways to obtain a Windows 10 license for free. If you satisfy this criterion, then you will need to contact your instructor and ask that they submit a request to me on your behalf for enrollment to the program. Be advised that Microsoft Office is not offered in the Imagine program.

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