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Not getting it. So the question that remains is It’s a shame really because that’s exactly the price I want to avoid by not buying digital. Even though the eshop version also feels highly over priced. I would pay the Switch tax with pleasure at launch date.

The game was a shambles when is was released. Why release a game without proper testing unless it had gone over budget. A downloaded game has no value to the gamer if its quality is below par. So value for money is important and hopefully reviewers will guide us on this. Yooka-Laylee does not come across as value for money. A physical copy at a budget price would have sold far more copies in the early days and made more profit for the team.

Limited additions are a cop-out. Gamers who want a physical copy should not be ripped off. For a game that was supposed to be focused on a Nintendo platform it’s a joke that it didn’t get a proper widespread physical release. There’s a reason games are usually more expensive at retail, even more so with a limited run. If six months later you’re not interested in the game anymore, then you just saved money. Good for you! You can invest it in the next game that you’ll have forgotten about six months from now.

Does anybody know an alternative? The eshop. I want this game on the Switch, but not this way! I realized that I hadn’t actually checked the eShop price in a while had no interest as I was waiting for the physical version I assumed the digital versions of this would be cheaper by now though, considering how cheap a brand new physical PS4 or Xbox copy is.

Can’t wait for that all-digital future Like my games on cartridge. Then your only alternative would be really lucky and find it on ebay in the future. Highly unlikely it will be cheaper than directly from LRG LRG games cost what they cost, and you don’t really find them cheaper.

I can’t believe YL never had a physical release on Switch before. Playtonic spent 2 years telling us they were personally making YL on Wii U the best it could be while they farmed out the PS4 and Xbox1 versions to Team Then on the very day in the same article they announced the release date on PS4 and Xbox1 as an aside they said they were canceling the Wii U version, even though that’s where a lot of their kickstarter backer money came from, Nintendo fans.

Then the ported PS4 and X1 versions release on discs long before the Switch version is ready. And now I find out Switch never even hot a physical release from Playtonic after all of that?

Don’t give Playtonic any of your money, the game isn’t even that good, they don’t deserve it. Too little, too late. I realized when they announced this for Limited Run Games that it was going to be more expensive than the eShop.

Short of having this, this solution may be better than nothing, but it’s far from ideal for a lot of people. I really like Yooka Laylee It’s a bit hard to play without mini map, sometimes feels like work trying to get things accomplished, and I am kind of stuck right now not knowing where to go but I really get what it was and is trying to do.

Anyway, Yooka Laylee feels just like Banjo Kazooie and that makes me happy since I cant play the latter in any form right now. Nice to see Dust still getting some love. If I’ll ever get it wich I am not that sure since it doesn’t seem THAT great I’ll get the download-version, when its hugely discounted!

Also they need to realize that it is actually Team17 who owns the publishing rights to Yooka-Laylee, even on the Switch version. Also play tonic should release this in Europe for physical too I’m pre-ordering Dust and I don’t even own a Switch yet. It feels weird buying a game for a system I don’t own yet and have no idea when I’m going to be able to afford to buy, but I am pretty confident that one way or another I’ll get a Switch someday and when that day comes I’ll thank myself for having bought this game.

I personally don’t understand why bother to import a game you can get digitally for less that half that price at least on sale. I’m honestly not that bothered with Yooka Laylee anymore. Used to be but there’s been a lot more water under the bridge since then. I hadn’t actually ever ordered from them. I’m considering it now but I hadn’t realized that it shipping costs as well.

I had hoped that they had free shipping in the US. They just didn’t want to in this case, but they also could have, and it would have sold well. Even if it meant putting out only one print, or two if the first one proved succesful enough, like Atlus tends to do for example, it would still have been successful enough. Look at Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, in the UK, the Switch and XB1 versions sold pretty evenly and held the top spot of the retail charts for quite a long time despite the game coming out for those systems a full year after the PS4 original.

It’s a matter of will, and they were not willing. I may still get the game eventually in a digital sale, or if I’m lucky to come across it in a local store that would have preordered a batch of copies themselves off Limited Run I know at least one local store that does that on occasions , and the extra cost they take on it isn’t too high, then I may get one this way. Lots of awesome games are yet to come out this year and I won’t be able to get them all as it is.

I know they’re expensive, but not nearly as expensive as if I had to get it from Limited Run, all counted. Record yourself completing the monotonous tasks you wish to automate and replay them later with just one keypress.

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