Opcrf 2021 template free download excel.UM-REF. NO. 067, S. 2022 OFFICIAL OPCRF OF SCHOOL HEADS FOR SY 2021-2022


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Opcrf 2021 template free download excel

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Below are the downloadable files for the RPMS Portfolio of teachers in the time of COVID (SY ). These files contain the KRA , Objectives Certificate Template – Deployment of Pre-Service Teaching for Experiential Learning Course · kb ; CS Form 32 – Oath of Office · kb ; EOSY Certificates. MDG Good Practices. Chapter 2: MDG-2 and MDG-3, Education and Gender Equality. •. Dakmara Georgescu. Acknowledged contributor. Download Free PDF.❿

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Next SlideShares. You are reading a preview. Activate your 30 day free trial to continue reading. Continue for Free. Upcoming SlideShare. Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Share Email. Top clipped slide. Divine Dizon Follow. Teacher at Department of Education – Philippines. More Related Content Slideshows for you Individual performance commitment and review form. Individual performance commitment and review form for regular teachers.

Action plan for learning centre utilization Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program Rural Entrepreneurship.

Ldm 2 practicum portfolio for lac leaders -abiera, lorlie a. School Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. More from Divine Dizon Karapatan at Tungkulin sa Kulturang Pilipino. Kulturang Pilipino: Itaguyod at Mahalin. Recently uploaded Japan Architectural Review – – Morshed – Overheating and energy use in u Commonly used instrument in Experimental Pharmacology. Chapter 2 – Types of Computer Networks.

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the basic concepts of networks. Wind Energy Siting and Development. Periodontal treatment of Medically compromised patinets.

Burgos St. Project Proposals SOB 3. Monitoring and Evaluation Reports 4. Accomplishment Reports 5. School Report Card 6. Performance Indicators 1.

Efficiency Indicators 2. School Form 4 2. School Form 6 3. Report on the total number of completers 4. Report on the number of failed on learning areas by grade level 5. Report on total number of drop-outs with intervention done 6. Quarterly Remediation Reports 7. Learning Area Accomplishment Report 8. Punctual, Prompt submission of correct SFs 4. Accurate data percentage and correction of errors in SF 2,4,6,9 and 10 5.

Liquidation report that showcases completeness, correctness and lawfulness, submitted on or before every 5th of the month for the whole CY. Improved submission of liquidation reports through systematic recording and reporting of the agency financial and physical operations b. List of unserviceable equipment and facilities and other things for disposable 5- Evaluated and inspected the school plant, physical facilities fitness, safety, and sufficiency with the assistance of a specialist annually to ensure a safe school learning environment 5 – Completed the target within the approved working budget 5 – Attained the objective within timeframe.

Updated Delivery Receipts and Inspection Reports 3. Profile of teachers 2. General Class program 3. Class program 4. Designation for Grade Level Chairman 6. Supporting MOV: Any document that highlights managing school safety for disaster preparedness, mitigation, and resiliency 1.

Any proof of continuous engagement with relevant agencies on DRRM e. Any form of communication to relevant agencies requesting for support on school calamity drill and completion activity report. Evacuation Plan that supports learners and 5- Managed school safety for disaster preparedness, mitigation and resiliency by sustaining engagement with relevant agencies to ensure continuous delivery of instruction 5 – Completed the target within the approved working budget 5 – Attained the objective within timeframe.

Activity Completion Report ACR highlighting the conduct of Disaster Resiliency Capacity- building program among the stakeholders in coordination with concerned agencies. Activity Completion Report ACR highlighting the conduct of disaster awareness and resilience campaigns within the wider school community.

Teacher Quadrant 2. Teachers Profile 3. COT Rating Sheet 4. Observation Notes 5. Performance Monitoring and Coaching Tool 5-Conducted a complete instructional supervisory plan and report of teachers quadrant, profile, rating sheets, observation notes and monitoring and coaching tool as evidenced by the Main MOV and all supporting MOVs 5 – Completed the target within the approved working budget 5 – Attained the objective within timeframe.

Intervention Programs 2. Project Proposals 3. Research 4. Action Plan 5. Division Memorandum Pansangay No. Memorandum Pangkagawaran Bilang , S. Memorandum- Etulay Summer Camp. E Journal. Memorandum- Online Forum on Classroom Assessment. Memorandum- Gabaldon School House Contest Memorandum- Kabataan at Kasarinlan Youth Forum.

Memorandum- Invitation to the Climate Science Olympiad Q, s. Memorandum- Celebration of Earth Day OUA Memorandum No.

Memorandum- International Conference on Dance Research. Memorandum- Webinar on Financial Literacy for Teachers. Free Webinar Series on Financial Education. Advance Copy – Submission of Required Reports. Memorandum- Precautionary Guidelines on Online Meetings.

Final List of Loyalty Awardees. Human Resource Management Webinars. Division Memorandum , s. Memorandum No. Office Division Memorandum No. Division Memorandum Number , s. Office Memorandum 15, s. Office Memorandum Number , s. Schools Division Memorandum No. Division Memoradnum No. Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology. Training-Workshop on the Classroom Test Construction.

Regional Memo No. Deped Memorandum No. National Office Memorandum No. Memorandum- Meeting of Faculty Club Presidents. Province Last October 8, Unnumbered Memo S.


OPCRF 2021 Template – Opcrf 2021 template free download excel

Final Thesis work. Ldm 2 practicum portfolio for lac leaders -abiera, lorlie a. Eric John P. Quarterly Remediation Reports 7. Brigada Eskwela Steering and working Committee. Self- edits words, numbers, phonetic notation and content, if necessary.❿

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Guides discussions between and among peers to meet an objective. Examples may include doing something better, faster, at a lower cost, ,more efficiently; or improving quality, customer satisfaction, morale, without setting any specific goal Uses indigenous methods to accomplish responsibilities. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Q, s. Explore Magazines. Teacher Quadrant 2.

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