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Windows 10 1607 media creation tool

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My laptop Inspiron was originally shipped with Win 8 and upgraded to If that does not work, upgrade offline using the ISO file, it is more reliable. But I’m having serious issues with it. What is the make and model of your computer? Note: This is a non-Microsoft website.❿


Introduction – Windows 10 1607 media creation tool


The easiest way to distinguish if you are using proper English is to right click a blank area on the Desktop. If the context menu has personalise spelt correctly with a “s” you are fortunate enough to have English UK installed. On the other hand if it says personalize and is spelt incorrectly with a “z” you have the misfortune of having English US installed. You don’t have a Windows 10 key as the new activation mechanism is keyless… and although Windows 10 installation media will ask for a product key it won’t accept Windows 8 keys.

You must initially upgrade, when you upgrade your systems hardware profile is submitted to a Microsoft Product Activation server and is classified as a Windows 10 Device. Berlarc Advisor will report a generic product key which has no value. Once a Device has became a Windows 10 Device, Windows 10 may be clean reinstalled by skipping all prompts for the product key and will automatically reactive when online provided the correct Edition is selected.

Failure to initially upgrade will mean that your device is not registered as a Windows 10 Device and you will experience product activation issues. This guide stresses this in great detail but as you have already upgraded its not a concern for you.

If you have upgraded then your recovery media created with Alienware Respawn will be for the factory image Windows 8 and not for Windows Its possible however to clean reinstall, then install all the drivers and software you want and make a pseudo factory image. The free version of Dell Backup and Recovery Alienware Respawn is a little limited and if Microsoft continues to provide up to date installation media, there becomes little use in a factory image.

Windows 10’s activation mechanism scans the device, if it recognises the hardware profile motherboard it will reactivate, if it doesn’t it won’t activate and prompt you to buy Windows Thank you so much for your reply! Turns out mine came shipped with the US edition, and I’m from Malaysia.

So in a way, it is ‘disconnecting’ the ‘relationship’ of my hardware and Windows 10 right? Or just downright no way, I have to stick with my Alienware motherboard? It will remain a Windows 10 Single Language device even if you revert back to Windows 8. There is however an indirect way of getting the free upgrade… The Windows Insider Build Essentially you have to install it and activate it by the end of the month as it expires.

You can then use it to get Windows 10 Pro for free which won’t expire. Just to make sure that I understand. I got through a clean Insider Build and got it activated to Windows Now I am not under any time restraint to get to Windows 10 Pro by the end of the month?

I can upgrade to it at anytime? The Windows 10 Pro. Hi guys, Got my activated 24hrs ago. However after upgrade it from desktop.. Reformat hardisk moment ago , reinstall Vista, did via boot as what i did previously, but this time around, no luck…tried activate via command line…but it keep said failed to activate, was online. Reboot and Reinstall This time I switch off the wifi and proceed with installation til full completion.

By doing so I found out that the installation wont ask me to login to my existing account. After all was completed, I proceed with the command prompt. Key in the key. Amazingly it was activated!

Now I proceed with the upgrading. Hopefully it all goes well and I am able to upgrade it to Pro version. Finger cross. Almost textbook like updated. On Dell Inspiron While installing the upgrade, there was a power failure and on reboot, the Win was restored. Windows 10 had to be redownloaded. I do the install of win and activate and after this clean install wiht last windows 10 iso from microsoft.

This work like you say all activate. But if i see the licence key the two computer have now the same key???? Windows 10 uses device based activation. Key finder programs will find a generic key which is the same on all computers and hence of limited use. BUT while installing i deleted oem recovery and diagnostic drive …now how to recover that drive..

If you haven’t made Windows 8. However you have the Windows 10 TH2. You can also follow the guide to Download a Windows 8. On modern hardware F12 preboot Diagnostics will still work fine without the diagnostics partition. To restore factory settings for that i would get into trouble getting oem recovery drive. Hey, really good tutorial. But I’m having serious issues with it. At first, my pc was an edition with Windows 8. My PC had serious adware issues so I decided to perform a clean install of Windows 8.

BUT, at the moment when I boot the USB with the windows 10 setup that I downloaded Windows 10 Single Languange — x64 , delete the partitions my pc is empty now and has no operating system and finish copying the files and “installing updates”, the setup just restarts to the same initial point and there is no path for continuing with Windows 10 installation, and when that happens for the second or third time, just launches blue screen with the following message and stays there for hours, the 0 part never moves forward: “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.

Communicates with attached media and storage devices, including devices that support the Media Transfer Protocol. The following Windows 10 features aren’t removed in N editions but are affected by having the media technology removed:. Windows Portable Devices: There’s no support for media synchronization, image acquisition, or file browsing.

Windows Store media content: Audio and video content that’s obtained through the Store can’t be played. Also, preview of audio or video content in the Store doesn’t work. The package must be reinstalled to restore missing system binaries. Learn about the terminology that Microsoft uses to describe software updates.

Sign in with Microsoft. Show Ignored Content. Thema: can i use the media creation tool to upgrade my pc to windows 11 from windows 10 ? Using the media creation tool to install windows 11 : If I use the media creation tool to install windows 11, will all my data be wiped?

Can I use the windows 10 media creation tool to downgrade from 11 to 10? Windows 10 Upgrade Media Creation tool. So I downloaded the tool on myLaptop which already has windows 10 pre-installed and on my laptop I created an ISO file using the media creation tool and saved it on my Windowsin kieli.

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