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If you continue experiencing issues try restarting your headset. After that, install the game from your storage. The versions of Minecraft that you can play using your VR headset are shown below: There are two versions of the game. In this game, you can build anything you visualize and visit different worlds. Almost million copies of Minecraft are sold out. I will clear out your confusion. Sam U I am a professional graphics designer with over 6 years of experience. What is new with Minecraft Oculus Rift edition? Just allow auto update for the game and relax.❿

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The Bedrock Edition is already VR compatible. You just need to prepare things such as your Oculus Quest 2 linked and paired to run the game from your PC to your headset using the Oculus Link app.

And of course, have your game installed on your PC. Make sure to have a shortcut to access it easily on your desktop. You will need the Oculus Link app, the Java Edition installed, the actual Java client to program and run the game, the Vivecraft mod to run Minecraft Java on your headset the smoothest way possible, and SteamVR.

And once you have all of these ready, we may now proceed with the running process. Then select the Airlink Interface from your headset. Do this by pressing the Oculus button on your right controller. Look for the monitor icon to open the virtual desktop. From there, look for Minecraft Java under the Vivecraft version.

Select Play and you are now ready to go to explore the world you will open. You will still need a PC to download the game onto your headset, but it will not need to be connected while playing.

Make sure that you have the Sidequest program installed on your computer. First, you should connect your PC to your Oculus Quest 2 and approve any permissions that appear on your headset. Follow the next methods. When is the last time you updated your GPU driver?

Outdated GPU drivers can cause enormous issues, and compatibility issue is one of them. So, updating the GPU drivers frequently can be the remedy of your headache.

Your problems should be fixed if you follow the described method. This should resolve the enabling minecraft VR issue. Download the latest windows update, no matter which windows version you are using right now. Track the following steps accurately. If there is any update available for your computer, Windows will automatically download and install it.

You will get a notification when the process is completed. Reboot your computer after the updating is done and you will be able to play the game again and this time without any issue. And if you are still confronting the problem, read the following method. You will get some good result. If the error message results from a pending update of the game, allowing automatic update for the Minecraft VR will resolve the issue without any sweat.

Just allow auto update for the game and relax. Read the following steps intently. It shall update the game as you know it is a microsoft product. Now, your waiting is over, and you can play Minecraft VR without facing any obstacles. If you want to be extra sure of eliminating all problems, just update the minecraft game manually, and it will remove the bugs and glitches and you are good to go.

These are the methods I utilized when I updated windows for minecraft VR. Hope it works for you too. These are then tested and proven methods. You can implement any of these when you encounter the issue. I can assure you that applying these solutions will not make you regretful. If you have read the article attentively, you will be able to solve the error on your own. But then again, If you face any issue applying the methods, feel free to comment.

I will clear out your confusion. Written By Steven Arends. Re-install Minecraft VR. Re-Download the Game.


How Minecraft was made for Virtual Reality? – Minecraft for windows vr

Starting with Minecraft 1. Kyle is a writer for VRScout also working in new media production. Check out this link to get Virtual Desktop working. How Minecraft was made for Virtual Reality? You can play in creative mode with infinite resources, or survival mode to mine deep into the world and create weapons and shields to fight off the hazardous crowd.❿

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