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Some are dressed like army chickens with helmets and guns. To bookmarks Full Game. Please help us! In this game of the chicken invader series, the animals want to block out the sun so that earth is frozen, killing everyone and everything on the planet.❿


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The difficulty increases each time players advance to a new chapter; the enemies move or fall faster, and objects like asteroids move faster, too. There are no holiday editions of this game; this is the only game that has no Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or Halloween Editions made for it.

This is also the only game in the series that hasn’t been ported to other platforms. It is only for Microsoft Windows. Please help us! We Don’t have any ads on our site, we give you free download games. Please tell your friends on forums and social networks about this gaming site. To bookmarks Full Game. Chicken Invaders System Requirements. Hey Everyone! Thank you for choosing this site:. Download Related PC Games.

Your goal in the Chicken Invaders 5 Free Download Full Version For PC is to fly around the galaxy and collect all the pieces of ancient artifacts that need to be put back together, and then you save the day from chickens.

Once the item composed is one piece, the chicken will fly away. There will still be a few feathers in the space, but these are only to get around compared to the chicken you have to deal with. The chickens are of all sizes in the game. Some are dressed like army chickens with helmets and guns. Chicken Invaders 5 is a first-person shooting game, so it is like you are looking from the scope of your rifle while shooting. It is one of the downfalls of your game as it can become confusing where to plug in space.

The chicken is flying in the circle, which can make it difficult to lock on the target, but if you keep on shooting, you will eventually kill all of them or make them leave when you can get the artifact back together. They attack you with food such as chicken drumsticks and burgers. Finger blistering shooting action with over zoo chicken on-screen simultaneously. Players are provided at the same time it has gigantic bullfight. Players are provided with a journey to galactic the system.


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