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– MAMP – Your local web development solution

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MAMP is an excellent and simple solution Web developers mamp free for windows 10 try out their websites and web-based apps without the need to undergo an extensive learning curve. It is possible to begin programming after the brief time required to install the program. Do you recommend it? It takes only one click and seconds later your WordPress host is ready. It’s very likely that this software is clean and safe for use. This allows you to recover a host if needed. The utility has all the tools you need to run WordPress on your computer for testing and development purposes.

– Mamp free for windows 10


MAMP allows us to create a local development environment. The advantage over using a remote server is speed. For example, if we work locally, we will just have to save the file and reload the page to see the changes. In the case of a remote server after each modification we will have to load the file on the server before we can reload the page. MAMP is an application that allows us to create a local server in a few simple steps.

We will be able to run php files without the need to upload them to a remote server. In this way we can develop our web applications locally, and then and once they are tested and working upload them to the server. Although we provide tools on our WordPress hosting that allow us to manage WordPress easily, it is a convenience to be able to have WordPress locally to speed up development tasks. If you simply want to install WordPress locally check out the article where we talk about Local.

This is a dedicated WordPress solution that makes all the operations very easy. MAMP is available in two versions, one free and one paid. The free version is complete, obviously it has some features less than the paid version, but it is still a complete software. To download MAMP we have to go to the official website at the download page , choose the version according to our operating system and then download the application.

All we have to do is follow the wizard, which is like any other application for the Mac. When the installation is complete, we will see a success message on the screen, and the installer itself will ask us if we want to move the installation files to the recycle bin. As soon as the installation file has been downloaded, open it by double-clicking on it to start the installation.

If you receive an alert, it indicates that you want to make changes to your computer to continue. In the next steps you will be asked to choose in which Start Menu folder to install the application and whether or not you want to create a desktop icon. Make your choices and proceed. If you have any problems let me know in the comments so I can update this guide. In the first screen we see the general settings, from where we can decide what operations to perform when we start the application and what operations to perform when we close it.

I recommend setting it as below so that it starts the server automatically when you open the application and stops the server when you are done and decide to close the application.

This feature is useful when you make changes to the web server and need to restart it to have them applied. Here the choice is personal.

You can click here buttons below to set the standard 80 and ports or to return to the default ports. Note that if you want to use a domain instead of localhost , as I will explain in a later section, you need to set the ports to 80 and From here you can choose the phpversion you prefer and decide whether or not to activate the cache and if so which one to activate. As you can see, we only have the choice between two different PHP versions. Only the last two versions are shown.

In this case we have to close MAMP and rename the versions that we are not interested in, for example by adding an underscore in front of the folder name. You can also choose a folder that will be the root of your files. In this folder you will add your files and folders. In the settings section we saw how we can choose in which folder to upload the files. You can download the latest version of PhpMyAdmin here. For this reason, my advice to update PhpMyAdmin is to delete all the files inside the folder except the configuration file, then copy all the files you just downloaded in their place.

Also, in this case we can simply load a file inside the htdocs folder and then display it with the browser. If we want to install WordPress locally the process is very simple. First, you need to download the latest version of WordPress in the language you prefer. At this point all we have to do is visit the folder where we inserted the WordPress files and follow the steps of the wizard to install WordPress.

This can be useful if you want to check that your site displays properly on mobile, or if you want to check that it is compatible with other browsers. If we are connected on the same network, you can view the site we have on our local server from another device. First, we need to know the IP of our computer. On the Mac we click on the top of the wifi icon and in the dropdown that opens at the bottom we see a link to open the network preferences. From this screen we can then see our ip address, which in this case is If you are using Windows 10 you can find the IP of your computer in the network settings.

Click on the name of the network to which you are connected until you find the properties section and among the information you will find the local IP of your computer, right next to the words IPv4 address. First, we create a folder called SupportHost. At this point when we go to visit SupportHost.

Now we need to make some changes so that when I type in the domain name, the contents of the folder with the same domain name are shown. At this point we save the file, and restart MAMP we just click on stop server and then restart the server to apply the changes.

From now on we can simply add our domains in the host local file by pointing them to localhost then create the folder with the domain name to make it all work.

Some paid software uses ioncube loader to hide the code. In some cases, this is used to encode only license files while in other cases all proprietary files are encoded. Regardless of what the case may be, if this extension is not installed your application will not work and you will receive an error.

First of all, we have to download the loader from the ioncube page, choosing the most suitable version for our operating system.

You will be given instructions on what changes to make to install ioncube and then to test that it works properly. Inside the archive we have downloaded we find the files to move where we are indicated, then we follow the instructions, restart the Web Server and test the correct functioning by clicking on the link at point 5. Usually, the latest version of PHP does not have the possibility to use ioncube.

In fact, Ioncube is released with a certain delay compared to PHP. Also, the script you use is coded for a specific version of PHP, so check with the vendor what php version you need for your script, set the correct php version on MAMP and then install ioncube for that version. AppCleaner is a handy app for Mac that allows us to completely uninstall any application.

The Pro version deletes them automatically. This is due to the differences between the two operating systems. Uninstall the application from the settings. If you are using the pro version or if it shows it as installed, it is advisable to delete this version first.

NOTE: Do not delete the two folders from your computer until you have performed the other steps for uninstallation. We then saw how to best configure it for our needs, and how to use a domain name instead of localhost. Finally, we have seen how to delete it from our computer correctly, so as to delete all the files and not leave a trace. Try our shared hosting for 14 days for free and without obligation.

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Despite this, you don’t need to be a web expert to get started. There’s no need to edit configuration files or read up on Apache directives, the installer sets up everything all on its own.

The tiny console shows just how simple this can be. Even these options can mostly be ignored. You’re then able to tweak and retest it as often as you like, without needing to use public server, or upload and download your source code each time.

There’s a tester to see how your site looks on iOS devices; multiple PHP version support; full Nginx support; multiple virtual server support; one-click install for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other extras; in-app updates; dynamic DNS support; a built-in code editor and more.

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– MAMP – Your local web development solution

Aug 01,  · Mamp pro version free MAMP & MAMP PRO Free Download New and latest Version for Windows. It is full offline installer standalone setup of MAMP & MAMP PRO MAMP installs a local server environment in a matter of seconds on your computer. It comes free of charge, and is easily installed. MAMP will. – Mamp pro version free. Dec 21,  · Step 1. When you open the localhost/mamp, select Tools> PHPMyAdmin. Visiting the PHPMyAdmin. Step 2. Click on the database and create a new database. Name it whatever you want, I will name it WordPress. Note: If you want to create a new user, head over to users and create a new user with the custom name and password. Jul 20,  · MAMP Download Free for Windows 10, 7, 8, 32/64 bit Latest – Free web development utility Share Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; Comments. Post a Comment. Popular Posts July 20, Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10 – Free Download – Download locations for RSAT.

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