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BlackSite: Area 51 is a popular first-person shooter video game that was released on the Microsoft Windows operating system and Xbox The game was first. BlackSite Area 51 Free Download PC game setup for Windows. It is the game based on the alien invasion and your job to secure the land. BlackSite Area 51 PC. Metacritic Game Reviews, Area 51 for PC, Featuring online play, Area 51 is set in the U.S. government’s most top-secret and secure facility.❿

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Skate Sim. Rare gem of a Sci-Fi shooter. Log in to finish rating Area Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Mixed or average reviews – based on 53 Ratings.


Free download area 51 pc shooting games.BlackSite Area 51 Free PC Game Download Full Version

The installer on the retail version of the game does not function correctly on modern operating systems (Windows 7 and later). A next-gen sequel to Midway’s arcade shooter and console FPS franchise. The game is designed using the advanced Unreal Engine 3. Content Rating. Install Game. A game by: Midway: Platforms: Playstation. In this case, the WMDs exist here as well as back home in Area and the accidental and nonaccidental.❿

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Great visuals, decent gameplay, and a strong eye towards the cinematic make this a relatively enjoyable game. Simultaneously this game suffers from such problems as hectic, poorly planned out action and unresponsive controls. In addition, David Duchovny’s trademark monotone acting marrs the overall experience, and occasionally makes you wonder why he was so successful on The X-Files. A plain vanilla FPS, there’s a few endearing elements in this game that should make you smile. First, you can dual wield some of the most basic weapons, like the SMG and shotgun.

You’ll also frequently have NPCs along to help you through the early parts of the game, and while they didn’t seem to be amazingly good, they also won’t get in your way. With only four players at most, multiplayer isn’t this game’s strong suit, but it’ll do in a pinch since Area does have cooperative mode, which I’m always a fan of. Cinematically seamless, you’ll only get thrown out of the gameplay by pre-rendered cutscenes, because everything else is handled in the game engine, and while the individual items in each environment waste paper on the floor, spilled supplies, rubble, etc.

All in all, it’s this continuous sense of good design that keeps the game looking good even in spite of its other problems. Aurally, you have some good voice acting, some really boring voice acting, and a decent set of sound effects, so all around not a bad job here. Lastly, the game is just fun, and that speaks to me. It has problems, but it’s probably worth at least a rental, if not a purchase.

As a member of the S. Special Tactical Advanced Alien Response Team, it is your duty to respond, with full force, in the event of an alien invasion.

Well, guess what: there’s been one — only this one was our fault. Research at the notorious government base known as Area 51 has gone awry. The base has been taken over by alien creatures, self-spawned from alien DNA, using the human workers as incubators. All communication has been lost.

Along with the other members of your team, you must infiltrate the base, destroy anything that moves, including the human workers you never know which of them may be a “host” , and purge the area of alien contamination.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I forgot to mention If you understand the term “rail shooter,” then you’ll know what kind of gameArea 51 is. If not, picture yourself playing Doom with your feet buckled tightly onto a small moving platform. This platform moves you around the level, and you shoot everything that moves and a lot that doesn’t. I like to think of these as “shooting gallery” games: aliens pop up; you blast ’em. The controls themselves couldn’t be easier. You use the mouse to aim your target at and shoot the aliens.

Among the other objects you will want to fire on are paintings, fire extinguishers, ammo crates all of which will usually yield ammo , windows some leading to secret rooms , and various explosive barrels, gas cans, etc. Most of the aliens go down with one shot, with the exception of the dreaded purple Kronomorphs, which require a little more effort. You get into this nice rhythm-click, bang, move, click, bang, move.

The only trouble comes every ten shots, when you have to reload by right-clicking the mouse. Its a fun little shooter with interesting story, good voice acting, decent gunplay and good graphics for a console game that runs very well Its a fun little shooter with interesting story, good voice acting, decent gunplay and good graphics for a console game that runs very well on the PC. It was a pretty good game.

Yeah, this game is outdated. Graphics are so, so outdated. Gameplay is boring in and nothing is wow. One major issue is the game haven’t Yeah, this game is outdated.

One major issue is the game haven’t subtitles. So unoriginal. I received a lot of positive comments on this game and later found out it is now a free download. I was more then shocked when the game I received a lot of positive comments on this game and later found out it is now a free download. I was more then shocked when the game started, the graphics took me off guard, they are that bad.

There are games from the mid 90’s with five times better graphics. The voice acting is at it’s worst and gameplay is beyond boring. I didn’t even finish it, in fact I don’t think I even made it half way but I do know that by level six I was gone and this was off my computer. There is not one good thing about this at all. Play Video. Area 51 Official Trailer 5. Area 51 Official Trailer 4.

Area 51 Gameplay Movie 7. Area 51 Gameplay Movie 5. Area 51 Gameplay Movie 8. Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Blacksite: Area 51 – PC. Brand: Midway. Rated: Teen. Platform For Display: PC. PlayStation 3. Enhance your purchase. One Button Squad Commands: Command your troops to perform a variety fo actions, including planting C-4 to blow doors, sniping enemies in guard towers, or taking control of vehicles – all with one click of a button.

Incredibly Realistic, Fully Interactive World: From the war-torn streets of Iraq to small town USA, you’ll need to use strategic cover points as you blow away your enemies in huge levels where nearly everything you see is destructible.

As squad commander Aeran Pierce, you lead soldiers who respond to your every order. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Blacksite: Area 51 – PC Share:. Website Online. Date of the price:. Store Offline. Store name:. Please select province Please select province. Please sign in to provide feedback.

Submit Feedback. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. The game was first released on 12th November and since then the reviews about the game have been positive. The game is designed under Unreal Engine 3. The Delta force is accompanied by the head of an elite science team, Doctor Noa Weis. After a lot of battle, the army finally finds the weapon bunker is infested with mutated humans and wildlife who are created by an alien crystal found in the bunker.

The crystal can incapacitate Pierce and forces the squad to retreat. BlackSite: Area 51 is a game that features first-person shooter gameplay. The game comes with a regenerating health system with additional benefits. Chicken Head Scary House Story. Speed Superhero Lightning Game. Light Head Scary Horror Forest. Pregnant Mother Life Simulator.

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