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Have pity for it’s ears. Want your slaves to annoy you with their comments? Download this and go crazy. Be warned, they will never shut up. If you really really hate your creature ex:. There are four options: Gorilla, Horse, Leopard, Mandrill.

But I don’t promise that after this change your life will be any easier. There is also a “Large Modification” of Creature Island apparently, requires the main-game and to be extracted into the main game Directory, the folder not the files. Reviewer: Robert Graf – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – January 19, Subject: Seems to work. Mouse problem. Black and White 2 won’t start on Windows 7. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website. Armies so huge that even the likes of Medieval: Total War’s hordes will be made to look like mere casual gatherings. I watched as Peter gathered together a group of wamors consisting of archers and melee soldiers, by electing one peasant as a disciple lead who then went round recruiting killers for his cause.

Soon the numbers swelled to tremendous proportions, at which point Peter broke the silence. What we’ve done is worked on the interface to make controlling your armies really simple. Once there is a big group, they’ll start carrying a flag. You can put this flag on an enemy’s buildings, and they’ll go and attack it.

You’ll be able to get your troops to follow your hand wherever you move it too. It works much like a magical lead. If you pick up one flag and put it on top of another one, they’ll join together to create a bigger army. If you carry on doing this, you can create huge armies of hundreds of thousands of villagers armed with bows and melee weapons. Now that we’d established that there’ll be gargantuan battles to look forward to, I was keen to find out about what tactical options there’d be.

Such as strategic 3D terrain and tactical manoeuvres. Luckily, Peter was keen to fill me in. All the terrain stuff will be there, like pincer manoeuvres and height advantage. What I want the player to do is to attack and lay siege to other settlements. Most hardcore gamers will want to go and attack and destroy the other cities.

Most non-gamers will want to spend their time building and nurturing their cities. When I play something like Age Of Empires, I build up my city first, then my units, then I up my tech levels, before attacking.

I want the battles to be truly epic. With one sly coded shortcut, he ordered them to fire. A torrent of wood and metal arched through the sky like a hailstorm of daggers, before sinking into the ground with a satisfying thud. Every single arrow, thanks to the new physics engine, had buried itself into each surface, which included houses and trees, to different depths. I needed to sit down, and in silence we trudged back to the comfort and safety of the boardroom where I listened as Peter explained how his aim is to a simplify the game world, reducing it to set of themed islands Greek, Japanese and so on to which you can retreat should an enemy drive you out of your stronghold.

And how Al gods may or may not feature towards the later stages of the game although I’m guessing by his broad smile that they will.

Awe struck, I thanked Peter and Jonty for their hospitality profusely, spouting superlatives at inanimate objects as I was inserted into a cab. This sequel could well go down in history as the game which heralds a new dawn in PC gaming. I kid you not. I Know what you’re thinking. What’s more at E3 I had the chance to catch up with studio head Jonty Barnes, to find out the latest developments on what’s looking like the most groundbreaking strategy game in years.

Lots of changes have been made since Christmas, reports Jonty. The most obvious ones are the visuals; the integration of some of our new 3D technologies like the landscape flora, combined with the new villagers and buildings, makes the game look very different. A quick look at these stunning screenies bears witness to this.

So what about some of the new gameplay features? Like creatures? We’re running a poll on bwgame com, where you can vote on which Creature we should make next. So if you want to see a giant aardvark in the game, you know where to go.

And so on to the Miracles. We’ve heard about the everyday ones, such as fireballs you can squeeze and pour into trenches as well as throw at opposing armies. But what of the so-called Epic Miracles? These are attached to town wonders, explains Jonty. These are large buildings which take some time to build and charge with miracle power, but once charged you can cast them anywhere – and they can be devastating. For example, the Earthquake Miracle rips the terrain apart, destroying everything in its path, and the Siren spell seduces soldiers, leaving them incapacitated on beams of light.

Curious as to how the large-scale combat is going to work, I probed Jonty further about the unit control interface. We have a method called Army Threading. When you grab an army’s control flag, a thread appears between the flag in your hand and the army. By placing down the flag you can assign armies to things in the world and they’ll behave appropriately.

For example, you can place an army thread on a city wall and they will defend the city from the wall by shooting arrows at the enemies, and alerting the town to the attack. It’s clearly starting to come together, and we’ll bring you a much more in-depth look at this strategy epic very soon.

After the initial ‘wow’ factor wore off, I found it to be relatively duldrum, essentially an extremely simple and enjoyable game that had some discouraging flaws. As such, I was a bit hesitant to pickup the sequel, but fortunately, it has wound up being better than I could’ve imagined. From improved creature mechanics, to a much more RTS style gameplay, Lionhead gave this game a good scrubbing from top to bottom, and it isn’t all that dirty anymore. In the original, one of my greatest problems was the fact that your creature was hard to train.

He didn’t give you much in the way of feedback, and it was basically really difficult to teach the creature simple tricks, like catching a thrown rock. Now you can see your creature’s thoughts, and respond to them appropriate. Everything from, “Should I eat this grain? Creature ‘behaviors’ are also now available, allowing you to force the creature to be a soldier, entertainer, builder, or gatherer. As I mentioned earlier, we’re in full RTS territory now, as every god must care for his followers and build cities for them.

Using the town square as your starting point, you can construct large and elaborate cities, complete with easily built roads that can be constructed in frankly one of the easiest building systems I’ve ever used. All in all, this is a good thing. The game still suffers in gameplay because you’ve got to micromanage your population, telling people to go forth and do things one at a time, but at least your metropolis gets to be inhabited by a populous and intriguing people.

All in all, there’s much more to this game than a capsule review can contain, but in the end, I like the game. Browse games Game Portals. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Every choice you make will have an impact. Each action and inactions prompts obvious changes to buildings, flora and fauna, all morphing to reflect your personality.

Wage massive wars, sieges, and battles or use your skill and power to keep the peace. Discover and use new Epic Miracles, including the ground-ripping Earthquake and volcanoes, which cause rivers of lava. Research and create new forms of weaponry, from swords to bows to siege machines. Build and design unique defensive gates and walls.

Control and marshal huge and varied armies.


Black and white 2 windows 10 download –


To know what more does Black and White 2 deliver, you have to go through the detailed discussion provided below. Players immediately get to work and rescue helpless people. These people are then transported to a new land with a certain number of refugee worshippers. Later, the players get busy with establishing a power base from where they would attack the Aztec army and defeat them.

To do that, players have to conquer the Norse, the Aztecs, and the Japanese, either by coercion or by peace. The theme of the prophecy exists throughout Black and White 2. This prophecy states that a tribe will be destroyed by the greatest power in the world but afterward will receive a god who would free the tribe and lead them to glory. Players take the role of a god called from the void. They aim to rescue the people from suffering at the hands of the Aztec army.

These villages invoked the god and hence the players came on earth to save the people. Players have evil or good desires and help villagers accordingly. The players are physically depicted as an avatar of God, a creature in the form of a giant anthropomorphic lion, ape, tiger, turtle, or cow. Players can grow and develop into large-sized creatures and adopt a good or evil persona based on their actions. Their actions determine whether they will be published or rewarded.

Hence, there are prominent city building and God simulation elements that we also saw in the previous instalment of Black and White. Besides these elements, we can find the presence of real-time strategy elements, besides controllable warfare and fighting units. Black and White 2 features a revamped version of the heads-up display system than its preceding sequel. There are HUD notifications that appear in the game informing the players of their state of mind. Not the just, their actions, effects of their actions, the status of villages are also shown on screen.

The user interface of the game is extremely uses friendly. Players can do several things like cast miracles. Now, to cast a miracle, players have to make gestures on the ground, intending to cast a miracle. If it does, it means that the player can cast his power. There are six ordinary miracles: heal, shield, lightning, fire, water, and meteor. Each of these has different uses. There are four epic wonders: hurricanes, sirens, volcanoes, and earthquakes. There are three different ways in which one can play this game: good, evil, and combination.

If you have chosen the evil mode, it means you have to cast fear and terror in the land. There will be destruction, conquest, and torture everywhere. Good involves showing benevolence, support, and promote the building of houses to provide shelter to the helpless people. If you have chosen a combination mode, you require ore and wood, both of which are available in limited quantities.

Every player belongs to the Greek tribe. Players of other tribes like Egypt, Aztec, Japanese, and Norse are enemies. The game gives players the liberty to choose any kind of character they want to play as, like the tiger, wolf, ape, etc. The characters can do basic things that players can do like cast miracles. Players have to train the characters they choose. Hence, these characters adapt the personality of the players.

Each tribe has creatures specific to the tribe at some stage. Sometimes players can also buy creatures provided they have enough tribute currency. Pretty sure im going to have to uninstall and reinstall it but before I do that anyone got any ideas on what went wrong? And I do have all the patches downloaded. Watermark 1 point. The game keeps crashing about every half hour of gameplay.

Any ideas on soloutions would be greatly apreciated. I run the game but when i try to hit play it exits out. Charlie 1 point. I followed the instructions and installed the game and 3 patches.

Played for a few hours fine with no issues. I closed the game and PC down. When I tried to play again via the shortcut I got an error telling me that it couldn’t locate white. I ran white. A window opens and quickly disappears. Does anybody know how to fix this? FlopTop 1 point. My previous comment had some typos and more I could say so here is the correction with original text below : This download will work, but for me it took not just the 1.

One additional note. In order to fix this get an older mouse that doesn’t poll so quickly [keep in mind we are not talking about dpi here; different metric] OR if you are lucky you have a logitech newer model mouse that supports logitech g hub. I’m sure other mouses have similar settings in some third party programs that will allow for this polling fix. I have not played to or past map 5 so I will update with any problems from there.

I just wanted to get it running properly. One additinal note. Newer mouses mice whatever have polling times that are far too high for the game to handle and it will cause almost umplayable jitter in the movement of the God Hand. In order to fix this get an older mouse that doesnt poll so quickly OR if you are lucky you have a logitech newer model that supports logitech g hub.

Completely removes the God Hand jitter and instability issue. Yellow 1 point. Have anyone else noticed that files for Land 5 are missing? Shaw 2 points. Thanks so much for this I found my old cd but it way to scratched up.

Sawe 0 point. Addition: The 3rd patch can be found with a link in the comments, I also installed it, but the game still crashes at the same place. I have the problem that as soon as I have finished island 7 and want to go to island 8, my game crashes after I leave the window with my island statistics.

Does anyone have an idea? I also disintalled and reinstalled it again according to the old instructions here, the 3rd patch is missing and copied my savegames. The problem remains :. Jarad Shaw 0 point.

Jarad Shaw 1 point. Tim 0 point. The problem I’m having is that the white. Is there a solution to this problem? Blanket 48 points. Windows 10 won’t let me copy the white. It keep saying “cannot copy file would you like to put it on the desktop instead?

Fucking EA. Bulla 4 points. I loved this game, everything is working great with the fanmade patch! Except one thing Batflap 1 point. I’d been playing for a couple hours with 1. It crashed once when I hadn’t saved it so I had to go through the tutorial gain but hey. But just now it crashed and my savegames close the game when I try to load them? I’ve tried running on compatibility modes, lowering graphics, re-installing etc. Geo 0 point. I have downloaded and installed the fan patch.

Arctic0ne 2 points. IIRC there was some additional code in the v1. If you would like to play the original 1.

Prate 0 point. This helped me at the moment. Just at the third mission of Tutorial with the small villages. Anon 1 point. Nomad 2 points. Thats for uploading the files. Now theres one problem with the game that keeps me from playing. Right after executing the. My screen just turns dark as if maximizing just to throw me right back to the desktop. Anyone having the same issue and knows a trick to fix this?

Froot 0 point. Ageing issue still happens, kids and like 20 adults. Any fix for this? Tamatumi 1 point. Scrumpet 0 point. JJ 0 point. I just installed it exactly the way EmmaDeeb explained it and it works perfectly. Thanks for this. Children not growing up is the game’s anti-piracy protection you need to install the fan patch to disable it. I believe that this image is corrupted. I downloaded it three times and none of my attempts at installing it have worked so far.

I keep getting a CRC error at the end of the install. Bw3WillBeIndy 0 point. Sarah -1 point. Lankaster -1 point. KRB 3 points. I keep getting the CRC error too at the end of installation! Something about a file with audio and dialogue.

Getting a CRC error during setup is not related to a problem with the download. Joshua Ward -3 points. I hope this helps. Mavsy 1 point. Help 4 points. Michael 1 point. ROB 2 points. Majora 3 points. Game ran fine for a couple of days, but now it suddenly won’t load up- it goes to load into the save and then crashes and exits. Is there a way to change it in some files? Year 2 points.

UnclePotato 0 point. THank you. Ali 0 point. Neo 1 point. This site made me remember the old times! Specially when my conection was by dial-up, men seriusly, upload it to mega o something, 4 hours to download 3.

Jason 2 points. KANEK 1 point. Just updating people on the fix for my problem mentioned below. Turns out my antivirus was preventing the game modifying its own files, causing a crash on loading. Hope this helps other people play this awesome game!

KANEK 2 points. Hi, I’m having an issue with the game. All instructions have been followed as detailed in the comments yet when I start the game up, it all works until I select ‘New Game’, once I’ve done that it will load for around 5 seconds and crash.

All patches have been applied and I’m tearing my hair out as to why it won’t work. Any help would be much appricated. Crash 3 points. Anon 0 point. Make sure you set the white. Win XP works for me. Chedda 4 points.

But the game will not launch. It will briefly pull up a small screen but before I can see what it is or what the thumbnail, it disappears.

TMP If not what do I need to do? Just replaced the whte. May Lemonade -1 point. I did the first installation, when i come to do the in-game instalation, i enter serial, the download stop right after he start loading in the data. My compter said it has been corrumpted. Files is missing. Suspendu -2 points. Sarn0x 0 point. Sammy 0 point. Sammy 2 points. I’ve followed the steps and have gotten the game working, but my children will not age.

I know this is due to the version not being cracked, but I am curious if there is anyway to fix this with the files from this site? Flying Kites 3 points. Yo Akshay, language options are at installation. Hey, anyone get an error during installation – with the screenshots of the game displaying – about some kinda file “speech. I just clicked ignore and the installation completed.

I’m further going to attempt to patch it, 1. Wish me luck! Akshay 1 point. Romulo 11 points. Hi, I’ve been having a lot of trouble downloading this game. Isn’t there a way around this?

REBUG 32 points. I’ve downloaded this twice now and I keep getting a CRC error right at the end of install. Can anyone provide a hash for this ISO? It’s bizarre for a site that offers abandonware it doesn’t give people a way to verify downloads. Benji -1 point. Right, so downloaded and got it to run, but I can’t make any disciples so it’s unplayable. Any ideas on fixing this? How do you fix children? Atm I’m just burning them for mana. Nothing else to do with em.

I use Nurseries to round them up and mass-sacrifice them. I’m forced to be evil cuz I need ore mineworkers and cba to wait for worshipers to generate it normally. I’m now also on the Japanese island, so my worshipers need to charge my Wonder. I use Siren Wonder just to get more people. It’s playable but damn this is difficult. Creature can only do so much vs catapults guarded by a squad of 50 archers. To the people having problems with children growing up, its an anti-piracy technique implemented by the developer.

MrToasteer -6 points. To all of you bakas who downloded this file; including me this is for a CD. Maybe try to understand why it doesn’t work. Coolman 0 point. JQ 1 point. DisK -1 point. To everyone asking about the child ‘bug’ this was the anti-piracy feature of the game, you need to patch that out. Setimus 3 points. Havoc 0 point. So I installed using Emma’s instructions to the T, but I keep coming up with an error saying that my computer can’t “create the 3D device.

If anyone could help I’d be extremely grateful. Well, it works. Finished the game, no bugs except an error during installation of a missing file, just click IGNORE and keep installing. Works great. Anyone got a fix for children not growing up yet? I installed the deviance cracked game about a year ago and it worked fine.

Tried running the same install recently and the kids aren’t growing again. Reinstalled the deviance copy several times, used the cracked “white” exe file and still, no grownups. So if anyone has one that works or can help out, shoot me a message please at seerofvisions75 gmail. This was their way of saying fuck you to people who wanted to pirate their masterpiece. Bobert 2 points. Same issue with children not growing up.

Look forward to a fix or different version. Sjamie 1 point. It’s an HP laptop with no real high specs so I don’t really understand what’s happening. I tried to run compatibility mode, but even that didn’t help any at all. Could someone help me, please? ADP 3 points. Any fixes for that yet? Just DO IT 2 points. Potato 1 point. I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with crashes after the first official island? Also, having previous save issues that always crash the game when i try and continue.


Black and White 2 PC Game Download Full Version Free – Gaming Beasts – Download Black & White 2

I don’t know I keep getting a CRC error at the end of the install. Luckily, Peter was keen to fill me in. Besides these elements, we can find the presence of real-time strategy elements, besides controllable warfare and fighting units. There are six ordinary miracles: heal, shield, lightning, fire, water, and meteor. United Kingdom Great Britain.


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