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Working with your mouse, ShuttlePRO v2 is designed to minimize keyboard confusion and improve workflow with its innovative design and intuitive range of controls. The ShuttlePROv2 multi-media controller will maximize your audio and video editing, graphic design, or other shuttle and jog productivity with both ideal form and function.

Pre-Configured Settings. Use our included settings as a template and customize them to your liking. Compatibility and Useful links. Visit our online forum for updated settings! Are you a software developer who would like your application to work with the Shuttle? Please use our online contact form to inquire. For more Shuttle related videos, please visit our YouTube page.

Mac OS users should download and install v3 for OS Windows users should download and install v2. Download Button Labels. Download Button Map. Download Shuttle Settings List. With a spring loaded outer shuttle ring that allows users to move the playhead through the timeline at variable speeds. Pair this with an our jog dial that gives users frame by frame control, and you will never have to waste time looking for the perfect spot to make an edit again. Buttons for Every Function The Shuttle ProV2 comes equipped with 15 buttons that, once our driver is downloaded and installed, has preset keyboard shortcuts built in for over software programs — Including everything an editor needs.

Would you like to know if our driver comes with presets for the software you prefer? Check our list of supported software HERE Your Shuttle, Your Workflow Although our driver comes with presets for all of your favorite software, no one knows your workflow better than you!

That is why we made an intuitive driver that allows our users to customize the entire button layout of the Shuttle ProV2 to perfectly match the way you work. AppDetection The Shuttle driver is able to see the active window on your computer, and will automatically switch the preset shortcuts to match whatever program you are in without ever having to interrupt your workflow.

For each keystroke you can add modifiers — ctrl, option, shift, or cmd, then enter a qwerty character, or a function key, or a system key such as tab or enter. Not everybody uses Live! This means that we can go deep with our chosen assignments for the ShuttlePro and if necessary you can save more than one set of assignments for the same DAW, perhaps for studio and performance use. For more complex tasks, the ShuttlePro can send macros — entire chains of key commands and characters — from one button push.

Despite being an Ableton Live user, like most producers I know, I rely on more than one DAW to get everything done, so I pair Live with Logic Pro X from time to time, and I appreciate the way the ShuttlePro automatically detects which application is foremost and provides the correct settings. Very smooth transition. Connect to USB, install the software and you are ready to edit. Precision editing from your graphics tablet, combined with unlimited access to shortcuts and keyboard functions via Shuttle Pro V2 give you the optimum photo editing power.

Actions, auto-fixes, filters and effects can be at your fingertips whilst you edit, saving you valuable time and enhancing your creativity. Working in tandem with any computer pointing device, ShuttlePRO v2 will save you time and frustration. Tired of looking away from your screen as you look for keyboard shortcuts? ShuttlePRO v2 keeps your commonly used tools and shortcuts at your fingertips so you can concentrate on the on screen action.

Why look away when you apply your adjustments or filters? Stay focused and create amazing photos instead. ShuttlePRO v2 is your on-hand selector, allowing you to choose tools, brushes and effects, resize and apply them with the click of a button or a flick of the jog-shuttle control.

Why navigate on screen menus, or take time looking for keyboard options when you are already have control of your editing in your hand? For example, Photoshop CC has an amazing array of brushes and pens that you can now select and adjust on the fly using Shuttle Pro V2. Batch editing can be a pain, especially when you need to work using keyboard shortcuts or onscreen controls. Shuttle Pro V2 makes life easier by allowing you to automate tasks in any editing suite. Why adjust white balance, colour correction and sharpness manually, when the Shuttle can apply all of these with a single click of a button?

On screen adjustment tools have made life easier in many editing suites. Keep the cursor where you need it and click and rotate instead for a much more intuitive experience. ShuttlePRO v2 can help you organize your photo collections. Quickly open, preview, adjust and save, speeding up your workflow and allowing you to concentrate on the interesting parts of your creative work.

Why have one setting for Photoshop or Lightroom, when you can apply a profile for organizing, for editing, for opening and saving files, or even for different sets of tools? While you will point with your tablet pen or mouse, ShuttlePRO v2 can make available any tool or adjustment that normally requires a key-press, in any software you choose to use.

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