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However, Flash is inherently unsafe, practically unstable, and its security has been the main concern. To cope up with this technological discomfort, organizations are wishing to convert Flash to HTML5 ahead of the deadline to tackle the conversion better. Thanks adobe captivate html5 tracker free HTML5, to have the best and more versatile technique to play videos and online courses without sweating about compatibility adobe captivate html5 tracker free or time wastage. But, choosing the right tool with proper functionality is prominent to avoid inconvenience.

Undoubtedly, Articulate Storyline sets an industry benchmark when it comes to carrying out Flash to HTML5 conversion quite effortlessly and efficiently. Equipped with amazing features Has made it one of the most popular and unique Microsoft office 2013 64 bit for windows 10 free authoring tool that can be accessible across various multi-media platforms.

Another excellent feature of Articulate Storyline adobe captivate html5 tracker free, it gives the developer adobe captivate html5 tracker free chance to build Flash-like interactivities with a wide range of standardized templates and, interactive capabilities that can be customized for outstanding results. Adobe Captivate was quite popular for its capability to design simulations, especially in software training.

Quite surprisingly, Lectora supports text-heavy content due to its scrollbar option that посмотреть больше accommodate more content on the screen, thereby helps in converting flash courses with a lot of onscreen content into various kinds of projects depending on the need.

Lectora Inspire conversion suite that allows learners to select their preferred language for the e-Learning course by customizing the switchable interface, which is ideal for eLearning translation. Also, the tool can be used to adobe captivate html5 tracker free simple-to-complex eLearning courses.

Unlike other tools in this list, iSpring Suite is one of the most favorite tool capable of converting flash-based PowerPoint presentations to HTML5 effortlessly, supporting all types of eLearning modules and courses. The best part is, it is pretty easy to use and quickly convert Flash to HTML5 by leveraging its ready-made templates to deliver посмотреть еще appealing courses, which are accessible on adobe captivate html5 tracker free devices. The specialty of this tool is, Capable of preserving PowerPoint animations, interactivities, slide transition effect exactly the same as original, even after the HTML5 conversion process.

With Elucidat develop high-quality engaging HTML5 compatible adobe captivate html5 tracker free courses without any prior programming skills for developers. More than just an authoring tool for eLearning development, dominknow ONE is a powerful cloud-based authoring tool with extensive collaboration feature reducing project turnaround time.

The tool offers flexibility to create almost anything that an Instructional designer can visualize to create learning experiences effective. As the name suggest, it is one of the easiest authoring tool in the market that facilitate the development of eLearning courses.

With this tool, everyone can create user-friendly courses without any special skills по этой ссылке much eLearning technique as this tool is super easy, intuitive and mainly focus on ease of usability. Although the tool lacks number of interactive features offered by other authoring tools yet create better, efficient and effective eLearning courses to meet learner needs. These are the most popular адрес tools that can be extensively used for Flash to HTML5 elearning conversion.

Before selecting a tool, one must assure to hire a professional service provider having years of experience, top-notch service quality, and adequate technological infrastructure to give you the desired output. If you planning to convert your Flash-based legacy elearning courses to responsive HTML5 courses then please contact us.

Flash is a relatively old plug-in and has become increasingly vulnerable to online threats like hackers and viruses. By exercising these options and to make things easier, here are some popular authoring tools to convert Flash to HTML5.

Articulate Storyline Undoubtedly, Articulate Storyline sets an industry benchmark when adobe captivate html5 tracker free comes to carrying out Flash to HTML5 conversion quite effortlessly and efficiently. Equipped with amazing features like: easy learning curves, ease of customization, host of interactivities, royalty-free images and icons, Has made it one of the most popular and unique HTML5 authoring tool that can be accessible across various multi-media platforms.

Adobe Captivate Adobe Captivate was quite popular for its capability to design simulations, especially in software training. Lectora Inspire Quite surprisingly, Lectora supports text-heavy content due to its scrollbar option that can accommodate more content on the screen, thereby helps in converting flash adobe captivate html5 tracker free with a lot of onscreen content into various kinds of projects depending on the need.

Easygenerator As the name suggest, it is one of the easiest authoring tool источник статьи the market that facilitate the development of eLearning courses. Summary These are the most popular authoring tools that can be extensively used for Flash to HTML5 elearning conversion. Request for Samples Why not take time to check our Interactive, Responsive, Simulation and Game-based engaging elearning samples.

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Capture Adobe Captivate Data in Real Time.


Once you click the download, you can see PhoneGap site. If you want to compile your eLearning course as an iOS application, you need to be registered as an Apple developer and pay the annual Apple Developer fee. This will give you access to the Apple Developer website where you will be able to access your Apple signing certificate. Certificates and authentication keys are essential for users to enable security for their accounts and prevent any unauthorized access. After you log in with PhoneGap user ID and password, click Next in Publish window, and provide certificate info in the dialog as shown below:.

AppleKey title in the above snapshot represents the certificate name that you uploaded in PhoneGap build. Your certificates are populated in the Title drop-down after you upload them in PhoneGap build website. Similarly, the keys you uploaded to PhoneGap build appear in Title drop-down. You can continue to publish even if you do not have keys for Android by choosing No key selected option.

When you delete or modify such objects in the project, the tracker too is updated. Scenario 2: Two or more objects are assigned with audio and appear simultaneously in the Timeline.

Case 1: Object 1 has audio for seconds and Object 2 has audio for seconds. Object 2 is lower in the z-order of the Timeline. Audio of Object 2 is played for 8 seconds and then Adobe Captivate checks if there is any other audio at that point 8th second in the Timeline. In this case, there is no audio to be played at the 8th second. Therefore, audio of Object 1 is not played. Audio of object 1 is played for 4 seconds.

A check at 4th second indicates that the audio of object is for 4 more seconds. So, the audio of second object is played from the beginning. Case 1: Object Audio is present from seconds and Slide Audio is present at the same time. Case 2: Object Audio is present from seconds and slide audio is present at the same time. Object Audio is played for 4 seconds, then slide audio for 8 seconds, then the remaining slide duration background audio is played.

For example, consider that two videos are present on a single slide with the following durations on the timeline:. Video that is lower in the z-order is played first. For example, consider that Video1 is present on a slide from seconds and Video2 is also present on the same slide from seconds. There are 3 recovery modes for different options and conditions, you can select one to scan your device or backup files, then select specific items for recovery.

Mode 1, recovery from iOS device for direct data recovery from mobile phone without the need for backup files , mode 2, recovery from iTunes backup file for recovering data from iTunes backup files on PC , mode 3, recovery from file ICloud Backup to recover iOS data from iCloud backup files using Apple ID.

A useful program to transfer songs, images, videos, contacts, notes, calendars, texts, whatsapp messages and other files from and to IOS devices and computers. In cases where for any reason it is not possible to use the iPhone lock and you can not unlock it, this application can unlock your device with its own ability to be able to access your device again. The program fully supports various scenarios, including forgetting the password, breaking the page and not being able to enter the password, repeated attempts with the wrong password, and among the scenarios that you can get past with this program.

Are you looking for a way to easily manage your Android device? If so, the current tool is one of the best ways to do this. With this program, you will have access to comprehensive management facilities for managing your information, which we will describe in the following.

With this program, you can back up your data and restore your data at any time if needed. In addition, with this program, you can easily manage various information of your phone, such as phone numbers, text messages, applications, etc. A useful program in the field of wiping out irreversible data on iPhone devices, which provides reliable features to users in this field.

This scenario may occur at the same time as the screen is broken, the device is locked, or the iPhone’s password is tampered with by children. If you are a current user of the Pixel device and you notice its occasional hangs and you are looking for a solution to this problem, we have prepared a tool for you that can refill your device in a simple and standard way.

As you know, flashing a smartphone removes all the information in it and the device returns to its original state. Therefore, using this tool in cases where the phone has problems with hanging, breaking and.

Can be a solution to problems. A program to connect Samsung devices to the computer and manage files as well as transfer all types of media files and create a backup. A program to connect Samsung devices to PC to manage content and transfer images, audio and video files. A program to browse and transfer all files on mobile devices to your computer.

It can also create a backup. A powerful program to connect mobile devices to computers to share screen and receive mobile device notifications on PC. If you are also struggling with sudden data deletion, this tool can restore your data in a few simple clicks. It does not matter in what scenario your information was deleted; This is because the program can recover deleted data from damaged disks, system crashes, software virus attacks, memory format.

This program is able to meet your expectations in this area without the need to install the iTunes program so that you can easily access your device information. A program to transfer contacts and messages between mobile devices with different operating systems. A program to manage IOS devices.

This program transfers files and songs from iTunes to IOS devices and creates a backup as well as browse contacts from mobile device to PC.

Quickly connect to your Xperia phone or tablet, review the latest software version provided by Sony for your device, and provide the easiest way to upgrade to this version. From now on, you don’t need to go to different websites to download the latest drivers for your computer hardware, you can update all your drivers with just one click to avoid slowing down and reducing the responsiveness of your devices.

An easy to use application that helps you get the drivers you need for your system. It allows you to download and install driver updates, backup and restore drivers. A program to install all required devices drivers and update them for best usage as well as backup drivers. Complete drivers collection for all computer brands’ devices that require initializing or updating can easily detect drivers for parts.

Light version. Online version. Complete drivers collection for all computer brands’ devices that require initializing or updating.

Intel Corporation Definitions Update Program. Although newer methods such as SHAREiT, Zapya, and… are used today to transmit data, the use of Bluetooth hardware in laptops still has a special application. Communicating between a mouse or keyboard and a computer is one of the most important areas of application of this hardware, which due to the constant dependence of users on this hardware, the use of Bluetooth hardware probably will not go down in history any time soon.

The software enables you to update the latest version of the programs installed on the system without having to search the web space and refer to different pages.

As the name of this software is found to optimize and use all the power of the graphics card used and able to optimize your graphics card automatically and adjust it depending on the needs of the games.

A program to search for and download drivers for any device. Provides latest versions from its huge database that covers all driver types to download and update.

For many years, the Wolfram Mathematica website has been used by many scientists, students, students and This website is able to perform some complex mathematical calculations such as derivatives, integrals and a number of others by drawing detailed graphs for you. A new Chatting program that provides real time audio and video calls and instant messaging.

It’s used by thousands of users. Is used by millions of users around the world on a daily basis. Discord’s powerful service has been well received by gamers from the very beginning. This tool is actually a powerful and reliable solution based on the Internet, which has been released in various versions for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, as well as the web version. A chatting program that provides audio and video calls as well as sending emails, texts, remote calls and transferring files and URLs easily.

A free instant messaging application for smart mobile devices. It provides sending texts and performing free calls, sending photos, voice messages, videos and different multimedia files. An instant messaging program for both computers and mobile phones. It allows users to send photos, videos, emojis and stickers. During a conference, people can talk to each other with a microphone connected to the system and take advantage of its very high quality and speed.

Instant messaging applications. Cross-platform and partially opensource. Known for its high security aspect. The best and most famous programs and CDs to make a backup copy of Windows, programs, drivers, and files. The most powerful and popular CD in recovering deleted files, as well as many important and necessary maintenance tools bit. This set of rescue disks contains 12 bootable anti-viruses that by burning it to USB flash drives, you can easily eliminate viruses and security threats on the system.

This program enables you to display and change all the options available in the system boot section without having to refer to the bias settings.

The program can also recover Read-only files and software information. The software recovers files that have been deleted due to virus attack, partition failure, operating system failure and other factors. This rescue disk contains dozens of useful tools that allow its users to solve computer problems. So novices, engineers and skilled computer users can make the most of all the features of this amazing rescue disk. The famous Norton Ghost CD, which is used to make backup copies of Windows, drivers and programs so that they can be restored at any time and in a few minutes.

The software we consider ed it from yas download site is actually a boot disk that knows from all your back-up information and restores it at any time without having to access the Windowsenvironment. A great CD for maintenance professionals and repairing hard problems.

Competes a lot of tools specializing in the division of the hard and Badsector repair and recovery of files and other important tools 32 bit. Competes a lot of tools specializing in the division of the hard and Badsector repair and recovery of files and other important tools 64 bit.

A set of powerful programs to support and restore hard drives. The backup can be directly copied to external flash drives or external hard drives bit. A set of powerful programs to backup and restore hard drives. The backup can be copied directly to external flash drives or external hard drives. Universal maintenance CD, the latest Windows maintenance CDs with many maintenance programs that run from boot, which keeps you from using a lot of other programs.

Video and audio encrypting package that contains all types of encryption formats while regular players only have standard filters such as LAV and VSfilter 32 bit. Video and audio encrypting package that contains all types of encryption formats while regular players only have standard filters such as LAV and VSfilter 64 bit. Even if you do not have much experience in working on multimedia files, this program can easily meet your expectations in this field.

All you have to do is install this software and call your video or graphic file in it, and then in a few simple clicks, remove the logo or watermark you want from it. If you are also a powerful video converter to convert movies to watch on various players, we have prepared a new tool that can convert movies to other formats of your choice at the right speed and quality for you.

This software is fully compatible with a variety of audio and video formats, and most importantly, it is able to convert videos much faster than other similar tools for you. A professional program to burn DVDs and videos.

It also provides the ability to download YouTube videos. This software provides you with a variety of features and applications in the field of sound recording, so that you can capture the system sound without compromising the quality and save it in a different and common audio format. With this program, you can easily call your own video files for editing in this program environment and get attractive and spectacular outputs from your videos by applying attractive and spectacular effects and filters.

This new and useful software allows you to simultaneously access a powerful tool for editing videos as well as creating slideshows of photos.

This program allows you to easily call your videos in its environment and apply your desired changes to the videos. In fact, you can convert frames to frames of your videos to photos using this software and get video file output from them.

With this program, you can record everything you see on the screen and finally get video output or flash. This application enables you to record any ongoing activity on your system. The graphical interface of this software is designed as simple as possible so that users can easily communicate with it and benefit from its features. With this program, you can quickly record videos from your screen in various ways, and after editing and applying your desired changes on it, you can easily share the videos with others.

If you are also looking for a powerful and comprehensive tool for converting video formats to each other, here we have prepared a professional tool that can support any type of format and convert it to your favorite audio or video format.

With this program, the user can easily perform various operations such as extracting audio from videos, playing various multimedia formats, editing audio files such as merging, separating and… as well as adjusting the volume and other types of such operations on their files. The user can use this program directly as an audio player and convert it to other types of formats if needed.

This software supports batch conversion mode, enabling you to convert a set of files to other formats in a short time with a simple click. You can create separate outputs from audio components and save them in a variety of formats. Apply the necessary edits with a set of ready-made effects. This software has a total of transitions and motion effects, and in addition, it allows you to perform operations such as shredding video files, cutting, pasting, rotating.

Using this software, the user can create a desired video with his personal creativity by using a huge library of beautiful effects and elements to make a movie, and then share it with other users on social networks. As you know, the new generation of disks, known as crystals, are capable of holding a significant amount of data.

The movies that come in the form of these discs have the best possible resolution quality and can only be watched on special devices. Professional program to create video intros and impressive videos with different effects and animations. You’ve probably heard of 3D audio before; If not here’s a new product just for you! We will serve you: When a voice is recorded in such a way that while listening to it, you feel that the speaker is located in your surroundings, in fact, you are dealing with the third dimension of sound!

It is a batch encoder tool for video files that can process dozens of different files with high efficiency and speed and convert them to the format of your choice. An important feature of this software is maintaining the quality of the files during the conversion process and preserving the metadata of the files, which in this regard can fully meet your expectations. A program with impressive multimedia libraries to deal with different formats and tools to create audio files.

One of the best programs to edit and create video files to film scenes with many features that speed up the process of creating videos. As you know, in the last few years, the use of Dashcams in addition to police cars in private cars has increased significantly, but to use all the features and capabilities of these cameras, a comprehensive and professional software is needed. With this low cam software you can record more than one movie. This tool finds, decodes and displays the navigation data hidden in the movie itself.

Play and watch your videos in a way that the position, speed, distance and other data of your vehicle in charts, widgets and maps are moving and changing.

Tag points, save clips and data, combine multiple videos into one video, and more. All the software that you run in Windows is recorded in this video file, and this process is also possible with background sound recording. For example, you can use this software to create a special instructional video and add an audio guide with your own voice with the microphone. This program is specifically designed to work with Microsoft Thames. If you are a regular user of the Microsoft Thames tool for telecommuting and better collaboration with other members of your team, this software allows you to record a variety of activities, audio and video meetings, personal or group conversations, and later.

This software allows you to save your video conversations in AVI formats. You can use this software in podcasts, voice calls, video calls or family calls, this software is able to record audio and video with the original quality that you experience while talking.

Evaer Video Recorder for Skype with a lovely user interface enables you to record your video or voice calls according to specific settings and custom compressions. This program is a professional tool equipped with artificial intelligence technology that can enlarge your video file to the desired dimensions without loss of quality.

This software is based on machine learning technology and during its operation, it fully maintains the quality of your video so that you can finally see an extraordinary result. Free and complete program to download, convert and recorder images, audio and video files with different formats. One of the best programs to convert video files to different formats and to different audio files formats. This program, which supports all popular video formats, allows you to quickly and easily edit video files.

With this program, you can cut videos, merge multiple videos into one file, edit movie subtitles, and more. One of the best multimedia program. The program supports all types of formats by containing an embedded codec which doesn’t require any additional programs to run the formats 64 bit. The program supports all types of formats by containing an embedded codec which doesn’t require any additional programs to run the formats 32 bit. This software is actually a compact and compact tool with which you can prevent other people from accessing your videos.

Installing and launching this program is very simple and fast, and in a few simple steps, the user can call and encrypt his video files in its environment. LRTimelapse Pro 6. No matter what camera you use to create your video, LRTimelapse software helps you step into a new world of frame-by-frame videos and work with them as a type lapse. In Time Lapse method, you can summarize long videos and spectacular scenes in long time in a few minutes.

You may also have seen these videos on TV on a daily basis, for example, the moment the fruits grow and bear fruit on the trees, which is captured in a few short minutes.

Professional program to edit audio files and create beautiful tunes using different tunes. With this software, you, dear users, can record all the activities taking place on the screen or take screenshots of them.

Due to the widespread use of e-learning and distance learning, today there are several softwares for recording screen activities, the most important of which is Movavi Screen Capture Pro. You can also use this software to rip DVDs and copy them on your computer without losing quality. This amazing software can support up to different formats that you can download these formats. Convert to other formats. If you are one of those people who have used various video editing software but are tired of it due to the harsh user interface, I recommend Movavi Video Editor software.

You can produce or edit your desired video in three steps with this software. The steps of this software are Import, Edit and Export. If the software is still difficult for you, the manufacturer has left a section called Wizard, with which you can do your job quickly and with minimal intervention. As you know, there are many types of video players available to play movies and video files, and people usually make this choice depending on their personal needs and tastes.

With this program, you can easily enjoy listening to your music collection and create a regular collection by creating fully managed playlists. Convert or compress video files to common video formats in minutes. As you know, there are dozens of different multimedia formats available these days for playing or watching movies in the digital world.

Depending on the needs, sometimes it is necessary to convert formats to each other or to convert the contents of DVD or Blu-ray discs to common formats. The famous Spotify Swedish program to play and buy songs. Provides powerful copyrights management for records and media companies. Video and audio encrypting package that contains all types of encryption formats while regular players only have standard filters such as LAV and VSfilter. One of the best video and DVDs converter that supports downloading videos and making them compatible with iPad and iPhone devices.

The best program to watch TV on the internet and is one of the easiest programs in satellite programs. Get your favorite. This program has a total of different audio and video formats such as 4K, H. And you can easily convert your favorite file to each other between these formats. With this program, the user will have access to a professional toolbox for converting video formats, ripping as well as copying DVD and Blu-ray discs. In general, if you want to have a separate tool for each of these needs, you need to install several different software in your system.

But with this comprehensive and versatile tool, almost all your needs for working with audio and video formats will be covered. This software with great functionality, allows you to edit your image files using a variety of advanced tools. The user interface of this program is designed in a beautiful and user-friendly way and users can apply their desired edits and changes to the files with a few simple clicks. By default, this software has a large number of sound and video effects for you, which are available to you in 5 specific categories.

With this app you can share your made videos. If you want to have your precious memories in the form of a video clip, with this very simple program, you can easily reach your destination. This program contains everything the user needs to edit videos and work on video files.

Therefore, using it, the user can easily retrieve his videos in the program environment and make changes such as cutting, separating a part of the video, shredding or merging files for you. In addition, you can apply visual effects, text, video animations, watermarks, subtitles, etc. Powerful video converter. Supports many formats for mobile devices. Manages multi-track files and sets the primary track. This software, with the benefit of a modern and very beautiful user interface, encourages you to use it again and again to beautify your videos.

With this software, you can create beautiful texts in animation style and add them to your videos if you wish. To add excitement to your movie space, you can add background music to your movies. Now you can apply beautiful and wonderful filters on your movies to make them look much more beautiful than they are. The software enables the user to easily surround most audio and video formats and can convert most of these formats to each other.

Also converting high speed formats is one of the main features of this software. This software recovers the deleted data in various formats by scanning the low level of your memory.

Retrieve over different formats including Word and PDF documents, videos, music, photos and more. This program allows you to easily recover your deleted data from all types of memory such as hard drive, memory card, USB memory, digital camera. Easily recover your deleted from all memories. This software has two installation versions and bootable, allows you to deeply scan your memory and recover any deleted information from it.

For this software, it does not matter how the information that already existed on the memory you want has been deleted; Because there are dozens of advanced scanning algorithms that enable you to recover your data from your desired memory with a very high chance of success.

With this program, the user can recover only a few simple clicks of his or her deleted information, such as images, documents, emails, audio and video files from the hard drive, flash memory or memory card. This program can recover lost data based on the folder structure and files in it.

In case of emergency and to restore your important and necessary information that has been deleted according to various scenarios, they can be easily restored with the help of this software. This software is one of the best data recovery tools that uses advanced and unique algorithms for data recovery and has been recognized as one of the top data recovery tools in several different journals.

This software is able to recover all types of deleted data from hard disks, laptops, digital cameras, flash disks, memory cards and… with a high chance. It does not matter how your information was deleted! This information may have been accidentally deleted, and you may have lost some of your data due to a general partition format; In any case, Do Your Data Recovery can recover all your deleted data. Like other recovery software, this program allows you to recover your deleted data in different scenarios in a few simple and easy clicks.

Recovering deleted data from Windows Recycle Bin, deleting data due to system crash, permanent deletion, computer virus attacks, memory formatting.

This program can scan your hard disk, memory card or flash drive at a very high speed and quickly display the recovered data so that you can select and save the information you need from it. As you know, many recovery software perform a long-term scan to recover data, and sometimes in the end can not recover the information desired by the user.

This program is able to recover lost passwords from websites, emails, social networks, etc. For example, if you forget your login details on websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Edge, Google Gmail, this software can quickly recover this information for you. This program is compatible with different versions of Windows and has the ability to retrieve any file. This package includes programs for recovering data from flash drives such as USB and uses the most advanced algorithms for this purpose.

The unfortunate scenario of deleting information, for all of you, may have happened so far or it may happen in the future, God forbid! In such cases, the first thing to consider is to stay cool and then not write new information on the memory! Then you can choose a powerful tool to recover your data. Users can use this software to recover and save your deleted information such as pictures, audio files, video files, text messages, phone numbers. A program to recover forgotten passwords easily.

It provides the ability to change passwords for windows, PDF files, zip, rar and all Microsoft Office programs. As well as retrieving all social media accounts, email accounts, web browsers, FTP tools and many other applications. If you have recently accidentally lost some of your important data from computer systems, we suggest you to recover all of them in a short time using this program! This software gives you the ability to easily retrieve and store all types of data from your hard drive, flash memory, memory cards, camera memory, and so on.

This program can solve all the problems related to data corruption and errors in Windows and provide you with the conditions to be able to access your information on the drives again. This program can restore all kinds of documents, emails, pictures, videos, etc. With this program, you can restore and recover your lost documents, images, videos, and many files.

If your sensitive files have been deleted due to formatting, don’t worry because you can easily restore them with this program. High standards program to edit videos and add visual effects. Animates pictures and provides many abilities to incorporate many items into one final output. The all files manager like images, audios and videos. Helps keep track of the files and arrange them as well as the ability to edit them easily.

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that enables online lessons, meetings, classes and sharing documents and polls and much more. Quickly launch and update your desktop apps, manage and share your assets stored in Creative Cloud and download fonts and many more features with Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App.

The powerful flash player that plays all sorts of flash files and effects needed in all systems. Solves all video playing problems. A tool to make lessons and tutorials and add different multimedia elements such as images and videos with effects. Can be used easily with professional tools. Autodesk Products. Autodesk 3ds Max v Name : Autodesk 3ds Max. Description: A program to design 3D drawings professionally.

Version: v Size: 6,4 GB. Core Type: 64Bit. Name : Autodesk Advance Steel. Description: Design and modeling program for metal structures and drawing structural elements. Version: Size: 2,6 GB. Name : Autodesk Alias SpeedForm. Description: A program for Engineering designs. Size: ,24 MB. Description: one of the most popular programs for designing wood, metal and other materials. Version: Premium Size: 1,47 GB. Direct Download. Description: A computer-aided drawing and design program that supports 2D and 3D graphic designs bit.

Size: Size: MB. Core Type: 32Bit. Name : Autodesk Auto. Description: A computer-aided drawing and design program that supports 2D and 3D graphic designs. Size: 1,8 GB. Version: LT. Training must be completed prior to the performance of any services and annually thereafter. Path LMS delivers online courses and content anytime, anywhere. Built specifically for online educators and meetings and events, Path is a powerful, award-winning learning management platform that helps organizations manage programs on their terms.

Docebo Learning Analytics is a learning intelligence tool that helps businesses transform data from external training programs customer education, partner training, for-profit learning into actionable insights that support key business objectives, showcase the success of these programs, and secure the confidence and investment to drive continued growth. With a central environment to retrieve, analyze, and transform learning data into actionable business insights, Docebo Learning Analytics helps leaders in revenue- and customer-focused learning programs forge revenue-generating learning into the core of strategic decision-making.

HN Grow is a mobile-first learning application for Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors developed by Intuition. The first phase of this app was intended to streamline the orientation process for new distributors to increase competence and confidence in retailing the products and delivering results for their customers. The second phase of the app builds on gamifying the experience by unlocking access to advanced trainings upon completion of the basic training, as well as enforcing compliance training where required by local regulatory agencies.

This global app is currently available in 39 countries, with an additional 8 countries confirmed to launch in Q1 , and is free for all external distributors. Latitude provides not just functionality for external training but also an entire platform to manage learning in the context of external organizational structures, reporting relationships, brands, catalogs, and custom reporting for both external organizational management and corporate management such as regional managers for dealerships or franchises.

This entry is submitted by LearningCart and is a fully featured eLearning business in a box. LearningCart provides everything an organization needs to transform their training, or educational offerings, into a robust revenue stream. From the single unified platform, customers can access an integrated website builder, ecommerce shopping cart, blog engine, learning management system LMS , as well as a variety of integrations with popular 3rd party platforms.

LearnUpon LMS partners with its customers to grow sustained revenue and scale resources, through engaging customer and partner training. This entry, submitted by LearnUpon, is called “LearnUpon LMS partners with its customers to grow sustained revenue and scale resources, through engaging customer and partner training”.

And finally, it describes how this training enables businesses to improve customer retention and expand existing business, and to educate partners in order to bring in new business.

This entry, submitted by Northpass, is intended to highlight how the Northpass platform is purpose-built for an external use case. The improvements to Thought Industries data architecture and insights development solutions listed here give customers an entirely new way to iterate and improve their learning content without having to send data to external teams.

This provides training programs with autonomy and the ability to deliver on more complex and nuanced business objectives. Thought Industries customers ask sophisticated questions and our Insight Engine was upgraded to enable them to never be left asking for more.

Together these new capabilities are called the Reporting Hub. Connect, not only makes it easier and cheaper to create integrations to any learning or enterprise system, it also enables Inkling to work with our partners like Educe and CGS to extend functionality of our platform to meet critical customer needs.

For example, Inkling partnered with Educe to create a Distributed User Administration MicroApp that solves problems for our customers trying to deliver Inkling learning across an extended enterprise of partners and franchisees. Often HQ learning staff using Inkling do not know the employees and users at their partners or franchisees because they are completely different companies. Intellum provides the customer education platform that large brands and fast-moving companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Stripe, Pinterest, Zoom, Verizon, and Mailchimp rely on to improve product utilization, customer retention and revenue.

Intellum’s scientific, data-driven approach is based on 20 years of industry experience and our team of award-winning learning practitioners, content experts, engagement professionals, and developers help our clients create, deploy, manage, track, and continuously improve highly-personalized, engaging education experiences.

Their goal of improving patient outcomes led them to develop the Alcon Experience Academy. The platform enables Alcon to engage their HCPs with targeted content, world class training, resources and live streaming events.

To date the platform has been rolled out to over 65, learners from countries, ranging from surgeons to optometry students and residents. This entry, submitted by EdApp, illustrates the power of what small to medium-sized teams can achieve through training programs – at zero cost. From NGOs in Africa and non-profits in Haiti to independent pubs in rural England and food delivery services in Malaysia, over 15, teams around the globe have been a part of the revolution.

The Rockstar Learning Platform is uniquely designed to support the changing content consumption habits of modern learners. It offers the base features of an LMS yet has uniquely modern experiential features that help clients evolve and scale.

Small- and medium-sized businesses need the same capabilities and insights from learning systems, but with limited resources and competing priorities they often manage with less than they need to stay competitive or fail to implement any learning platform at all.

SkyPrep is an appropriate fit for this category as the solution was designed based on the training needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The powerful and intuitive LMS enables organizations to easily deliver, manage, and track the training they provide to employees, customers, and partners. These are the key components that have helped SkyPrep’s small and mid-size customers reach success and made the training solution stand out from the competition.

When we noticed this shift in usage, our developpers completely recoded and redesigned our existing My Learning Mobile App to accommodate a device agnostic user experience, where learners can easily switch between devices, continue learning on mobile, and still enjoy a seamless and engaging user experience.

Have a look at our harmonized design and exciting new features! The post-pandemic workforce is all about digitizing and humanizing how we engage employees through shared learning experiences that unleashes productivity, cross-collaboration, and mentorship in impactful, and safe ways. It proved to be the perfect fit for this audience. Each territory has seen an incredible ROI, unparalleled completion rates and the creation of a thriving social community – despite a pandemic.

The second phase of the app builds on gamifying the experience by unlocking access to advanced trainings upon completion of the basic training.

This global app is currently available in 39 countries, with an additional 8 countries confirmed to launch by Q1 While product training can be challenging using a traditional eLearning approaches, mobile technology made it possible to deliver training to Sales Consultants across the country allowing them to get ‘hands-on’ with the vehicle.

Experiential learning like this allowed Sales Consultants to learn techniques they could apply with their clients and customers. An optional video-based solution was also developed for Sales Consultants who didn’t have the mobile technology required to do the in-vehicle experiences. A native iOS learning app that aims to train, inform and enable networking in a smart, digital and comfortable way by leveraging on iOS technologies, whose experience is in line with on demand-platforms and the best-in-class consumer apps available on the market.

This is a joint nomination between MagicBox solution provider and Folens publishing company. Homework Space allows teachers and students to benefit from readymade, curriculum-aligned assignments while saving teachers a huge amount of time that they would have otherwise needed to grade the homework. PVR Springboard is a mobile application that hosts a number of interactive programs, assessments, discussion Groups, etc.

Users can access items such as reading material, audio, video, quiz, flashcards, surveys, etc. Users can also access success stories, visit the photo gallery and chat under various discussion topics. Milwaukee Tool is an innovative company in the hardware product space. They move fast and are enjoying growth in market share and team size.

With that growth, they have sought innovative partners that share their vision for learning and development. Float is an innovator in that space, providing consulting, products, and solutions to enterprise and government customers for years. The collaboration lead by three-time published author, Chad Udell, has resulted in the successful implementation and rollout of Float’s flagship product SparkLearn.

SparkeLearn brings together adaptive delivery of microlearning content, job aids, rich media such as video and podcasts, and more. The partnership with Float invites strategic growth and feature development tied to the business’s innovation and success. This app puts BG information such as Tech Tips, the Service Guide, and training materials right in the palm of your hand.

Get direct access to assets including documents, images, and videos on BG Dashboard. Many performance support applications today are designed to provide user help and support for how to use enterprise applications.

These performance support tools are embedded in all types of enterprise systems to help users understand how to use their technology to perform better at their jobs. Inkling takes a bit of a different approach, but moving performance support out of corporate enterprise and IT systems and into mobile operations processes. We do this by embedding operational training, and knowledge right into operational forms and checklists that employees use every day to complete operational processes, cook food, set up new retail displays, comply with health and safety standards and perform maintenance on equipment.

By embedded operational training and knowledge into operational forms and checklists, Inkling brings performance support to a whole new level. Named “The Vault”, this product is available globally to over , learners and is depended on daily by thousands of unique franchise employees in their work activities.

The multi-lingual system is available in over 40 languages and contains more than 25, discrete pieces of learning and performance materials. The system is developed and maintained by Float in a tight partnership with KFC Global and brings emerging technology like Augmented Reality content, xAPI, and personalized content recommendations to this leader in quick-service restaurants.

The ability to create beautiful, engaging and informative content is a critical piece of any successful social learning strategy, but creating great content quickly and at scale is often a pipe dream.

Docebo Shape allows organizations to reduce the time it takes to share knowledge at scale by mastering content creation within minutes, not months, while enhancing the learning experience with AI-built personalized content in a format learners actually prefer – short and engaging.

The end result is an agile, easy-to-use training solution that doesn’t require learning leaders to change the way they do things, and instead makes what they do better. Complement formal eLearning with peer gatherings, discussions, break out rooms, forums and more. The Collaborations and MS Teams integration makes it easier than ever for learners to get together, share knowledge, boost personal performance and achieve results.

Absorb Collaborations provides a subject centered social learning environment for experts and novices in the subject learn from each other.

Absorb Collaborations allow peers share their knowledge and expertise, whether directly related to LMS courses or on independent topics. The LMS dashboard is comparable to other popular consumer experiences, such as Netflix, allowing learners to browse through a broad catalogue of courses at a glance, while using social learning cues, to suggest further learning.

Content is organised into topics and pathways, allowing individuals or teams to pursue bodies of related learning. Social fabric learning is the learning strategy and style. As the sole unit for victim identification in disasters, Disaster Victim Identification Unit DVIU launched a trial scheme for the application of technology early in DVIS is tailor-made to expedite the whole DVI process, starting from the collection of post-mortem data to their storage, processing, transmission and eventually the mapping with ante-mortem data with an ultimate view to expediting the victim identification with strict compliance to the DVI Guide of INTERPOL in a more organized and environmentally-friendly approach.

DVIU wish to do faster and better. As self-isolation and quarantine became the norm, so too did the shift to a work-at-home model in only 22 days. With over 50, team members across 50 CX and IT delivery centers in 20 countries, TELUS International deployed a unique, holistic Work Anywhere solution to ensure the business continuity of CX operations for its clients and team members remained connected.

As the model is having great success both internally and externally we believe this is a solution that deserves the high honor of the Brandon Hall Group Awards. The automatic Lab Validation System LVS is a game-changer greatly improving student learning and engagement experience with hands-on technical training and examinations for our internal technical employee, Customer, and Channel Partners students.

LVS is the first system ever built by an Akamai training team that automatically evaluates the correctness of an Akamai product configuration submitted as part of a training exercise or examination, and also provides instant feedback with scoring into which configuration components were correct and any that were not.

Testing is an integral part of training. It is paramount for recognizing skills decay. Assessment should be done on a continuous basis, and BrainCert’s Online Testing Platform is the perfect choice to measure, analyze, and view results of the test takers online easily. Results were slow. This allows instructors and organizations an at-a-glance view of knowledge mastery and provides a roadmap to areas needing strengthening. Assessments are available for youth and adult formation.

The adult “survey” features predictive courses to be offered based on areas of weaknesses shown in the assessment results. This entry, submitted by Multilearning, demonstrates unique DIY cloud-based authoring tools with panel-based discussion forums that enable course designers to engage learners, share knowledge and quickly evaluate learner competency and the impact of the learning activity.

In addition, it demonstrates the ease of use, allowing clients to create highly interactive, rich-media learning modules with robust feedback features utilizing quizzes, evaluations and discussion forums with no additional software required or extra production costs. This entry, submitted by Turkcell, is called CaseLab. The virtual training involves joint call handling, where an experienced call centre agent coaches an agent-in-training while taking customer calls.

The technical toolkit enables the following in a virtual setting: — Both agents are connected to the call audio. With this technical toolkit, Rogers is able to continue using their award-winning experiential training programs during the pandemic when agents are at home.

G-Cube built a centralized Learning Management System for NeGD that brought the multiple government ministries and departments, working in silos, on a single platform. Virtual training and webinars conducted through this platform to align departmental trainings at different stages to broader goals. In the wake of the pandemic, Sysmex transformed its regional symposia format, designed to provide customers with a full-day of in-person learning for continuing education units CEUs , into a virtual, interactive event.

The result was a Virtual Symposia that provided customers with CEUs at no cost and Sysmex with an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. BrainCert offers its global clientele a virtual classroom platform that offers a built-in collaboration layer that is imperative for seamless synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities between presenter teacher and attendees students. BrainCert’s Virtual Classroom can help bridge the gap and functions in nearly the same way as a traditional physical classroom.

Although, face to face components may not be a feasible solution to offer synchronicity in online courses, virtual classrooms have a far greater potential to reach out to individual students across the geographies. TQ, an award-winning global, growth-oriented, ever-expanding development program, was created in partnership with Pluralsight using Design Thinking to raise TQs through sophisticated assessments and a framework of chunked content that generate personalized learning at scale, accommodating wide-ranging individual knowledge, experience and preferences.

Area9 and Thieme have been collaborating over a number of years, in order to bring adaptive, personalized learning to the medical education sector. Thieme have developed adaptive learning content to medical students and this is available on their via medici platform. Brainier has been exclusively focused on building configurable LMS products for over 20 years, and this entry details the latest advancements in our unique learning technology. Brainier is an incredibly flexible SaaS platform empowering organizations to uniquely configure every aspect of their learning management system.

Designed intentionally without an internal maintenance site, every element of Brainier is customizable directly within the LMS, providing administrators with complete control. Built with a multi-tier architecture, Customers can design unlimited Themes to create engaging branding experiences, even within a single LMS instance. The pandemic pushed the pause button on many team sports. At the same time, United States Youth Futsal was on a mission to expand their sport. Rather than wait for the pandemic restrictions to be lifted, USYF went online to identify players without access to futsal, and along with players, the potential coaches who could be trained to teach the game.

The next step would be the challenge of reaching the players, referees, and coaches. Combining a wealth of knowledge and professional resources with a global platform, USYF launched the first online training program for coaches and referees. The result has been global interest and national growth in the sport. Based on five decades of research, DDI Lead is a personal leadership program designed specifically for new leaders who are hungry to learn yet short on time.

And as an all-digital experience, leaders can take advantage of it as soon as they step into their new role, or even before. The pandemic disrupted the traditional ways of working and learning and made us rethink the dynamics of delivering an engaging DU experience, virtually.

As the organization adopted the virtual-first model, DU continued to demonstrate uninterrupted leadership through its DigitallyU initiative. DigitallyU provides a single, unified platform for learners across locations, enriches their learning experience, and helps professionals at Deloitte connect in the virtual world. Docebo Shape allows organizations to reduce the time it takes to share knowledge at scale by mastering content creation within minutes, not months, and enhancing the learning experience with AI-built personalized content in a format learners actually prefer – short and engaging.

The social and collaborative features of the experience and the research-based content come together to engage learners and ensure they walk away with increased confidence about their ability to lead. Simple was created to solve a number of business needs, and was designed with organizations in mind to remove bottlenecks in the design and production process when creating modern learning experiences.

Inkling has always focused on delivering modern digital learning solutions for operational learning. Inkling is the first end-to-end digital learning platform that combines our operational learning solutions like Inkling Knowledge and Inkling Learning Pathways with a fully functional and highly configurable forms builder application that can be used to create learning surveys, forms, operational checklists, quizzes, assessments and much more.

The advantage of having a full form builder combined with our learning capabilities becomes clear when learners can access operational checklists from inside a training class or access quick reference micro learning from inside a form or operational checklist without having to switch to two different systems. This entry, submitted by Float and KFC Global is an enterprise learning experience platform solution that brings ahead of time learning, standard operating procedures, and performance support in one responsive web application.

Amazing in its content, scope, and technology, the Vault is truly unique. The new learning technology was deployed digitally for risk mitigation skills at biotech operations and soft skills global support services. The projects show how the advancement in this unique learning technology allowed rapid deployment, precise measurement of upskilling and clear business impact.

This union of actionable education tools and services with the analysis and trading platform helps the trader stick to his individually-set Trade Plan.

The platform compels the trader to practice with responsible risk management as he learns and develops his trading skills. OTA teaches students that their first achievement should be to not lose money, as they start to trade live in the markets by applying solid foundations of responsible risk management. Then, progressively building from there. CliK brings application and learning together, helping students learn strategies to achieve their financial goals. While students track their results in different ways, a recent Wave study indicates that a majority of students are making money.

CliK is designed to support the cause with a journey unlike any other in the markets today. Scotiabank has developed and deployed Scotia Academy, a scalable, enterprise-wide learning technology solution to offer both an improved learner experience and a performance-focused mindset through a central learning portal.

Scotia Academy gives access to learning opportunities for 90, global employees in over 30 countries and in three languages.

The Speexx learning solution offers a unique mix of smart technology and a human touch. Speexx is more than a learning provider for its customers, taking on the role of strategic partner, helping customers worldwide overcome a complex set of challenges, drive business growth, improve organizational culture, reduce costs, and ultimately achieve business objectives.

The unique features built into the Speexx digital learning solution turn Speexx into an enabler of growth, development, and innovation for its customers. Application of simulation technology in emergency response and tactical driving training for police motorcyclists in Hong Kong.

To enhance the mobile policing of police motorcyclists on the roads in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Police Force introduced motorcycle simulation training in to advance in traffic training. This entry, submitted by Zimmer Biomet and ZS Associates, is a virtual facilitated learning and development workshop developed specifically to prepare sales reps to position numerous Zimmer products to different HCP segments.

The narrative begins in the lobby of the hospital, where the team will be introduced to their sales targets and goals for the day. Time to head into their first meeting and sale scenario, there is no time to waste! Most training programs across businesses require instructors to be recruited from within the business.

Earlier, the process of instructor recruitment was either through emails or surveys. It was tedious, required a lot of manual intervention, and had a higher possibility for error. The Facilitator Recruitment Tool created an easy-to-use, scalable, and customizable one-stop-solution for recruiting facilitators from within the business.

They expect the same at work. Sometimes for some reason not known to CourseLab the audio will restart, creating an echo effect. You will need to un-check the “autostart” mark of the Video object vidoe object is used to insert audio too and then define an action on some event that fits the case for example on the slide’s afterdisplay event choose METHOD yourvideoobject, PLAY.

Another issue is with FireFox browsers displaying graphics with CourseLab. It is stated in user’s manual that some objects utilize Explorer-specific features and author should avoid using them, if he wants to use the course in multi-browser environment. These are: Gradient Box and all AutoShapes.


Top Authoring Tools to Convert Flash to HTML5 Courses – Membership


Biff Bifferson likes. January 23, in Adobe Tracer Permalink. Reblog 0 Digg This Save to del. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. For Email Marketing you can trust. IconLogic, Inc. Create your Like Badge. Читать полностью to this blog’s feed. In the images below, you can see a rollover перейти in action in first image, there’s no rollover caption; in the second image the hidden caption, which is attached to the image, appears when the learner rolls their mouse over the image of the number 2.

While they offer an awesome level of interactivity to your, rollover здесь and rollover images are not HTML5 compliant.

They will not work correctly on adobe captivate html5 tracker free devices. The good news is that you can still use rollover captions in your projects I know, I know You can get the same functionality of rollover captions by deploying shapes as buttons and then using Inbuilt States. This sounds complicated but it’s super easy. To begin, I inserted a shape onto the slide I used a rectangle shape.

Then I adobe captivate html5 tracker free the now transparent shape over the image I wanted learners to roll over. My goal is to use a state in place of fre rollover caption. To use states effectively, I need the shape adobe captivate html5 tracker free be treated as an interactive object. And now With the shape selected, I accessed State View. I selected RollOver, which is an Inbuilt State meaning it’s a State that exists in all projects by default. The net result is hmtl5 same as using a rollover caption: the caption appears only when learners roll over the transparent shape.

Looking for Captivate training? Check out our live, online instructor-led Adobe Captivate classes. Comments You adobe captivate html5 tracker free follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Thank you! I like this much better than the hint with a button method I’ve been using! I have always loved using rollover captions and rollover images in my Adobe Captivate projects.


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